European Union

FRP – Fundamental Rights Platform

In 2010 Fecris became an NGO with the Fundamental Rights Platform of the European Union, FRP, depending of the Fundamental Rights Agency, FRA, which promotes respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, basis of any democracy. This participation enables FECRIS to be heard and represented with the NGO Platform of the European Union, in order to raise interest of EU members to the issue of sects and cults.

Areas of work of the Agency for Fundamental Rights, were defined in a multiannual framework programme covering a period of five years, 2007-2012 . The fight against racism, xenophobia and related intolerance are part of its priorities, as well as the rights of children.

The EU has made ​​significant progress and implemented various concrete policies, both internal and external, as well as programmes under different legal basis in the following areas: child trafficking and child prostitution, violence and discrimination against children, child poverty, social exclusion, child labour, health and education or child safety on the net.

The issue of abuse by cults which is the main concern of FECRIS should not be overlooked in the development of these policies. However, it does not, at present, seem that it is taken into account. Instead, we know that some cultic organizations are regularly consulted as “churches ” in the development of new legislation since the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty (Articles 51 & 52).

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