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The respect for other cultures and free individual choice are automatically identified as expressions of openness and democracy. In this text, the author seeks to highlight how an appeal for liberal principles can incoherently be used to defend forms of absolutism. Totalitarian cults are the privileged field for underlying aporias and paradoxes in which an advocate of free choice (in good faith or bad) ends up when he defends absolutist groups. Open Mind Fondation published: “FOUCAULT’S HAIR” by Dr. LUIGI CORVAGLIA, President of CeSAP Italy, Member of the FECRIS’ Board of Directors and Scientific Committee.



Dott. LUIGI CORVAGLIA, Member of the Scientific Committee:  “Brief essay on the confusion between wives and hats.” 24/08/2016

There are those who mistake the defence of the oddest pseudo-scientific theories for democracy and anti-authoritarianism because, they say, there is a “dictatorship of science” that does not guarantee equal voice to “alternative” theories.

This is the idea according to which democracy would give equal value to my ignorance and your knowledge.

Similarly, there are those who are public defenders of the most oppressive cults, in the name of a “freedom of worship” endangered by a “secularist” dictatorship.

There are even those who, by to the same logic, manage to stand up for the protection of the most anti-democratic and totalitarian societies and practices that are most offensive to human dignity, such as Sharia and female genital mutilation. They do it out of respect for the “culture of non-Western peoples”; the “right to be different” and against “cultural colonization.”

Cult apologists do not do anything else but bring the logic of the “right to be different” from large societies to constrictive groups – after all, are not cults small absolutist societies? – And they do this by declaring to be open, liberal, democratic and tolerant. The problem is that the defenders of the right of cultures to be different have never been part of the progressive front. They adhere to ethnopluralism, a vision that opposes egalitarianism, democracy and essentially, modern society that was born of the Enlightenment. This takes the wraps off.

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EVIDENCE IN MEDICINE – A KEY SOLUTION says Professor LIVIA PULJAK, MD., PhD., Member of the Fecris Scientific Committee, University of Split School of Medicine and Laboratory for Pain Research, who presents the Croatian web portal ; ‘Evidence in medicine’ where she is an Editor-in-Chief; which aims to answer citizens’ questions on the effectiveness and safety of complementary and alternative therapies.  Livia Puljak is Knowledge Translation Coordinator with Cochrane Croatia and has been affiliated as a volunteer with Cochrane since 2007.

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The contribution of analysis with regard to cultist undue influence and the undue influence used in the process of radicalisation.
Article written by J.P. Jougla, President of the FECRIS Scientific Committee.