Cults and sexual abuse

European Virtual Conference,

30th November 2020

Organised by the

European Federation of Centres of Research and Information on

Cults and Sects (FECRIS)


Danièle Muller-Tulli, President of FECRIS (Switzerland)


Sonya Jougla, Psychologist, and author (France)
« Children in cults, a psychological approach »

José Miguel Cuevas Barranquero, Doctor of psychology; Redune and City of Marbella; University of Malaga (Spain)
« Analysis of coercive persuasion in a Spanish religious group »

Carlos Bardavío Antón, Doctor of criminal law; Redune; Lawyer at the Bardavío Law Office; professor at the International University of La Rioja (Spain)
« Psychosocial and legal aspects of sexual abuse in cults »

Eric Colomer, journalist, director, and producer of French documentaries (France)
« The abuse of nuns by priests, a consequence of systemic control… »

Intervention by Jean-Pierre Jougla on
« The Catholic Church Faced with Cult undue influence »

Alexandra Stein, Ph.D. social psychologist and author (United-Kingdom)
« Sexual abuse in cults »

Anne Josso, MIVILUDES (France)
« Sexual abuse as an indicator of cultic undue influence »

Danièle Muller-Tulli, President, conclusions, and thanks..