Following the law of 2013, in there is an interesting project to establish a group of policemen specialized in the matter of cults in the Province of Cordoba, Argentina.

Letter to FECRIS

Good Morning! I am the Police Commissioner Inspector Pedro Gustavo Maldonado and work in the Córdoba Provincial Police in Argentina. I am writing to inform you in case you do not already know; that in the Official Gazette of the Province of Cordoba of 28 February 2011, was published Provincial Law No: 9891 (a project which was presented at the time by the legislators Maria Chióffalo and Nadia Fernandez). It was voted for by the Unicameral (Parliament) on 9 February of the same year and the application of the law was approved on 25 June 2013 (Official Gazette of the Province of Córdoba, 2013). Under this legislation, the Government of the Province of Cordoba created the “Provincial Program for Prevention and Assistance to the Victims of Groups using Psychological Techniques of Manipulation”, being the executive authority for the Ministry of Justice. The Official Gazette is attached hereto. For my part, I commented that I am undertaking a project to create within the Córdoba Provincial Police, a specialized police group for research into sectarian groups, because in this province numerous groups with sectarian features have been established, apart from those already known. Thank you for your successful work.