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Gerald Armstrong, Ex-Scientologist, Canada


 Scientology: the Dangerous Environment Racket


Scientology, as is becoming progressively well known, is an aggressive, abusive, dishonest and criminal US-operated cult. The Scientologists are perpetrating among themselves, and attempting to impose on the rest of the world, a massive and blatant suppression and erasure of basic human rights. And the Scientologists are doing this while portraying and positioning themselves as great defenders of human rights.

Scientology calls the rest of the world, the “wog world,” and calls human beings, or Homo sapiens, or us, “wogs,” an epithet that in most cultures means “nigger.” I will use the cult’s term for us throughout my talk to most clearly communicate the Scientologists’ world view, attitudes and actions.

What the Scientologists, in the name of Scientology, have for decades been doing to trample human rights – their own and wogs’ — is so willful and so evil that the public has not yet been able to grasp and confront it, and bring the responsible authorities to deal with it.

Public opinion has not yet turned against Scientology. That will happen, because no evil will last forever, and because the number of individuals in the public who have confronted that evil and whose opinions are against Scientology continues to increase. Both Scientologists and the wogs who oppose the cult’s aggression, abuse, dishonesty and criminality have that day — when public opinion turns against Scientology — to look forward to.

Much of Scientology’s evil has been committed in secret, and, tragically, the cult’s efforts to stifle human rights, particularly the freedom for its victims to speak about its evil, have been somewhat successful. All Scientology’s victims and opponents, however, have not been silenced, and the body of publicly available evidence against the cult has continued to grow.

The materials I’ve assembled and make available from the Scientology v. Gerry Armstrong legal cases, and from the extralegal attacks on me and my family and friends, document many of the cult’s evils, and the campaign to silence me about my knowledge and experiences. The materials also show how ineffective Scientology actually is, because I have not been silenced.

Briefly about my history: I was inside Scientology for over 12 years, held a number of significant staff positions in its pseudo-naval core, the Sea Organization, and was close to cult founder L. Ron Hubbard. I left when I uncovered and documented enormous fraud being perpetrated on Scientologists like myself, and on everyone else, and I realized that Hubbard and his organization were indeed aggressive, abusive, dishonest and criminal, and were not going to change, and get honest – at least for me at that time upon my lone insistence.

Since I left, over 27 years ago, Hubbard, and now current Scientology head David Miscavige, have considered me a huge threat, and have had me menaced and victimized in many ways and on many channels, by the cult’s own personnel and by hired outside professionals – private investigators, attorneys, bullies.

I have continued to study the cult and its policies and actions, write and speak about it, and still insist that it must change and must get honest. Happily, over the past 27 years, many people in many countries have learned about Scientology’s aggression, abuse, dishonesty and criminality, and many people now write and speak about it, and insist it must change.

Scientology teaches in its scripture that its Scientologist troops are at war with me, and with people like me, whom leader Miscavige identifies as the “enemy.” Scientology’s intentions and goals for us, in its scripture, are to reduce our image to beast level, harass us, ruin us, just go all the way in and obliterate us, and dispose of us quietly and without sorrow. Hubbard ordered in his scripture that Scientologists were to wage “barbarian warfare” against us, on the basis of our “total attrition.”

“Scripture” is defined, by the cult itself, as Hubbard’s “written and recorded words on the subject of Scientology.” The cult calls Hubbard’s writings and lectures “scripture,” which means “the sacred writings of a religion,” because the cult calls itself a “religion.”

Scientology calls itself a “religion” to obtain the benefits, privileges, protections and the benevolent public image that are conferred on religions. Being a religion, the cult claims, makes its aggressive, abusive, dishonest and criminal activities, its war of total attrition of its “enemies,” legally protected “religious expression” or “religious freedom.”

Scientology is not benevolent, but malevolent. Its ostensibly benevolent activities – its Volunteer Ministers that show up to “help” at disaster sites; its Narconon anti-drug operations; its Way to Happiness booklet campaign, etc. – are to cloak the cult’s malevolence, and to feed unsuspecting people, as ordered in its scripture, into its wog-wolfing maw.

In scripture, Hubbard actually labeled people who had been lured into his Scientology “shop,” but who not yet been fully converted or indoctrinated, “raw meat.” This kind of stark-staring cynicism is discernible throughout his over 40 years of written and spoken scripture.

Before he invented his religion, started his cult, and began churning out religious scripture, Hubbard was a cheap pulp magazine writer of action stories, westerns and science fiction. A large portion of his Scientology scripture is pure science fiction.

In 1984, he was identified as a pathological liar in a judgment following a lengthy trial in the first Scientology versus Gerry Armstrong legal case in Los Angeles, California. The cult has sued me six times altogether. The 1984 judgment was affirmed on appeal in 1991. Scientology scripture is riddled with Hubbard’s incorrigible lying.

Hubbard was an occultist, a fact which, of course, he dishonestly denied. Scientology and its scripture are rooted in left-hand-path, black, magic, which, of course, the cultists also all dishonestly deny.

Hubbard was also a hypnotist, and elements of hypnotism permeate his scriptures – himself and his system as authority; invalidation and elimination of his victims’ prior affinities or allegiances; confusion generation; attention fixing; trance induction; direct and subliminal suggestion and commands.

Most importantly about Hubbard, he was a sociopath. At some point, as an adult, he willfully squelched his God-given conscience to be free to cunningly and cruelly dominate and enslave whoever he could lure into his cult. He would then use his slave troops to vilify, attack and obliterate the good people who opposed or even questioned his slaves’ enslavement or his lies and sociopathy.

David Miscavige, Scientology’s boss since Hubbard died in 1986, is just as gargantuan a liar and just as conscienceless. Miscavige’s and Scientology’s aggression and sociopathy are not limited or restrained by conscience, but by their fear of public exposure, opprobrium and criminal prosecution.

A “racket,” as used in the title of my talk, “Scientology: the Dangerous Environment Racket,” is defined as “a usually illegitimate enterprise or activity that is made workable by coercion, bribery, or intimidation; a system of obtaining money or other advantage illegally, fraudulently, or undeservedly usually with the outward consent of the victims.” This is what the Scientology cult is and does.

In its use of threat to make itself workable, and to obtain money, or other advantages — such as time, cheap or free labor, intelligence (the espionage kind), false testimony, injustice, fanatical allegiance, complete submission, silence, etc. – Scientology is similar to what is known as a “protection racket.”

This is from Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia:

“A protection racket is an extortion scheme whereby a powerful entity or individual coerces other less powerful entities or individuals to pay protection money which allegedly serves to purchase protection services against various external threats.

Those who do not buy into the protection plan are often targeted by criminals. These crimes are typically thought to originate from the organization itself. When a person or group refuses to pay for protection, word is put out that they are outside of the local organization’s protection (these organizations often exist in the absence of a trusted police force) and that the person or group in question is therefore free game for freelance criminals or the organization itself.”

Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard identified people outside his organization’s protection plan with the more common term “fair game.” “Free game” and Scientology’s “fair game,” are in fact identical.

The cult is a powerful, global entity and Hubbard was a power-mad individual, as is Miscavige. They have coerced billions of dollars and unconscionable advantages from countless less powerful entities or groups and individuals.

Scientology and Miscavige put the word out officially and publicly on orders or fatwahs called “Suppressive Person Declares,” that the people they can’t shake down or shut up are outside their protection and fair game. Most of Scientology’s and Miscavige’s orders to the organization’s hired professionals or its own enforcement or intelligence personnel to fair game Miscavige’s enemy targets are issued in secret and unpublished.

The term “dangerous environment,” in the title of my talk, “Scientology: the Dangerous Environment Racket” comes from founder Hubbard, and appears many times in scripture. He made it a key precept in what is known in Scientology as the “Suppressive Person” or “SP” doctrine. My wife Caroline Letkeman and I have a website, “” dedicated to exposing and opposing this doctrine.

Caroline was inside Scientology for 24 years and has now been out for 10 years. She has also studied the cult intensely since leaving, particularly it’s psychological and societal intentions, actions and harm, and is also considered by Miscavige a major enemy target. To punish her, he had Caroline’s daughter disconnect from her, and there has been no communication in 8 years. She has her own website that is excellent on Hubbard and Scientology fraud, their occult connections, their dangers, and many other important issues.

The Suppressive Person doctrine in Scientology scripture states that Suppressive Persons, or SPs, comprise the most evil two and a half percent of the planetary population. The doctrine states that SPs are the truly destructive, truly psychotic and truly criminal of the world’s wogs, the cause of illness, at the root of every bad condition, and deserving no civil rights.

Scientology scripture says about SPs, whom Hubbard also calls in scripture “merchants of chaos,” “merchants of fear,” and “antisocial personalities,” that “they sell a dangerous environment. If they didn’t sell a dangerous environment they feel they would promptly go broke.” SPs are “specialists in the dangerous environment. That’s their mainstay..” “making the environment threatening. There’s a lot of people spend their whole lives as professional chaos merchants — just worry everybody around them to death.”

Scripture states that SPs “are fellows who are shoving the environment in your face and saying, “Look dangerous. Look overwhelming. Look threatening. Look. Look.” Well, they not only report the most threatening bits of news … but also sensationalize it, and make it worse than it is. What more do you want, as a proof of their intention? Well, of course, this is the chaos merchant” — the SP — “He’s paid to the degree that he can make the environment threatening.”

Hubbard continues that the SP “has lots of troops — a lot of people with vested interests. What’s a blackmailer but somebody who’s trying to extort money by telling somebody that he can make the environment far more dangerous.” The SP is “completely crazy in that he thinks the environment has to be made chaotic… he certainly knows he’s making the environment too much for others. He certainly knows this.”

In the same place in scripture, Hubbard declares that he has taken great advantage of the “dangerous environment” that SPs make in the world and has used it to form the religion’s foundation, what he called “Scientology Zero.” Scientology is founded on a dangerous environment manufactured, per scripture, by the most evil people in the world.

Scientology, Hubbard proclaimed, would sell the idea that it calmed the dangerous environment. “Now, if Scientology moved on forward, the environment would become calmer and calmer… In other words, its potential, hostile, unreachable, untouchable threat, and that sort of thing — the amount of threat contained in it — would reduce.”

Hubbard said that from any individual that Scientologists can get to listen to them, “You have immediate agreement that the environment is dangerous.” This agreement on the dangerous environment then facilitates the individual’s recruitment into Scientology or purchase of its services on the basis of the cult making a calm, unthreatening environment.

A person in a dangerous environment, Hubbard said in scripture, would be overwhelmed, unhappy, without ambition, and in apathy. Being in the undangerous environment that Scientology made, Hubbard claimed, would result in an “individual resurgence” and increased “health level, sanity level, activity level and ambition level,” which would keep people in the cult, paying and working.

In its promotional materials, Scientology constantly calls its offices or churches, “islands of sanity,” and claims they provide a “perfect, safe and distraction-free environment.” The cult calls its current campaign to distribute Hubbard’s “morals” booklet “The Way to Happiness” across the world, “Operation Planetary Calm.” Scientology’s publicly claimed and much ballyhooed “Aims” are “A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war.” That would be a virtually perfect, evil-free and very safe environment.

In the 1970’s, under Hubbard, Scientology created the “Safe Environment Fund” to raise money to defend Scientology executives who were criminally indicted in US Federal Court in the largest incident of domestic espionage in US history. (Ultimately 11 Scientology intelligence personnel admitted guilt and were sentenced to Federal prison.)

In the 1980’s, under Miscavige, the cult evolved the Safe Environment Fund idea into the “International Association of Scientologists,” the “IAS.” The IAS’s publicly stated purpose is “To unite, advance, support and protect the Scientology religion and Scientologists in all parts of the world, so as to achieve the aims of Scientology as originated by L. Ron Hubbard.” What the IAS is uniting Scientologists to protect their religion and themselves from, the only thing stopping Scientology’s aims from being achieved, it declares, are Suppressive Persons.

SPs oppose Scientology, Hubbard claims in scripture, for the very reason that it makes the environment calmer and safer. They “fight calming influences.” By making a safe environment, Hubbard wrote to Scientologists, “You’re taking the food off the plate of the chaos merchant,” the SP. Miscavige has used the IAS to extract untold millions from Scientologists to protect them from the SPs’ dangerous environment, which he also used Scientology to make as dangerous as it is. Miscavige is paid to the degree he can keep the environment threatening.

In a very cynical scriptural passage Hubbard, wrote, “So understanding Scientology Zero (the cult’s philosophic, organizational and strategic foundation) would include an understanding that the very person who is the worst enemy of Scientology — the chaos merchant, the slave master, the fellow who’s trying to hold everybody down, the fellow who’s trying to keep everybody shook up one way or the other and so he can’t ever get up again (the Suppressive Person) … that fellow, of course, would forward Scientology Zero for you with great speed.”

In truth, the people that Hubbard and now Miscavige have had labeled “SPs” – “the worst enemies of Scientology” — are largely good, social, conscienceful people who have simply stood up to the organization and spoken out about its fraud, its persecution of others, its Suppressive Person doctrine, or its numerous other antisocial policies and practices.

The SPs that Scientology targets for Fair Game, which is what is done in the world  in execution of the SP doctrine against people, don’t make the environment dangerous, except, of course, for the liars, fraudsters, abusers, and other criminals the SPs speak out about. SPs don’t sell a dangerous environment, don’t benefit from a dangerous environment and desire and work toward a calm, undangerous environment as much as anyone.

In truth too, Scientology does not make a safe environment, and its advertising and selling of a perfect, safe and distraction-free environment is perfect fraud. Hubbard made Scientology a dangerous environment for Scientologists, and made Scientologists make the SPs’ environment dangerous for them, and for other wogs in the wog world.

He wanted the SPs’ environment to be so dangerous for them that he called what the Scientologists are to do to achieve that level of danger for SPs, “War!” He wanted to make the environments of other wogs, who didn’t have the SPs’ knowledge of Scientology, seem very dangerous so they could be recruited into his cult’s claimed calm environment and so money could be extracted or extorted from them to keep them safe.

Miscavige does the same. He and his racketeers make a dangerous environment, both inside and outside of Scientology and populate it with evil SPs, to protect Scientologists from. Every Scientologist studies, accepts and applies Hubbard’s scriptural statements that make the environment, or actually the people in it, unconfrontably dangerous, and generate threat that makes the environment even more dangerous. Miscavige enforces Hubbard’s scriptures and his dangerous environment making, often very threatening, dictates.

In a policy letter in scripture entitled, appropriately, “Keeping Scientology Working,” which is studied repeatedly by Scientologists as they progress in the cult, Hubbard states for example:


“The whole agonized future of this planet, every man, woman and child on it, and your own destiny for the next endless trillions of years depend on what you do here and now with and in Scientology.

This is a deadly serious activity. And if we miss getting out of the trap now, we may never again have another chance.

Remember, this is our first chance to do so in all the endless trillions of years of the past.”


No other organization or religion or nation is making the environment more dangerous than that. Christians are not being taught that the whole agonized future of this planet, every man, woman and child on it, and your own destiny for the next endless trillions of years depend on what you do here and now with and in Christianity. If a Christian organization taught such a philosophy, or anti-philosophy, it wouldn’t be doing Christ’s work but Hubbard’s.

The only other entities that might use such a threat, which makes the threatened person responsible for the greatest future horrors imaginable, an environment so dangerous that every man, woman and child is in agony and all their lives and destinies are snuffed out, might be terrorist leaders inciting their terrorist troops to murder and suicide. A “deadly serious activity,” as Hubbard describes Scientology is not safe. It’s dangerous.

Hubbard was making the environment so incredibly dangerous in order to keep Scientology working, and keep Scientologists working for him, buying his lies, buying his products and services, taking his abuse, and waging war against his enemies, the SPs. Miscavige does the same.

Scientology generates a dangerous environment for SPs — potential, hostile, unreachable, untouchable threat, or otherwise – to cause the same effect that Hubbard said in scripture the SPs caused in their victims — overwhelm them, make them unhappy, take away their ambition, drive them into apathy, reduce their health level, sanity level, activity level, etc.

Scientology under Hubbard and Miscavige are so brazen in their manufacture of a dangerous environment, that they include in their scripture directives to make the environment more dangerous even to governments, philosophies, and societies. Hubbard’s and Miscavige’s purpose is to move Scientology on forward and expand its control.

Hubbard wrote on a scriptural page titled “Department of Government Affairs,” which is an intensely studied piece of scripture in Scientology’s intelligence personnel training manuals:


“The goal of the department is to bring the government and hostile philosophies or societies into a state of complete compliance with the goals of Scientology. This is done by high level ability to control and in its absence by low level ability to overwhelm. Introvert such agencies. Control such agencies.”


Scientology overwhelms and introverts agencies, governments, philosophies, and societies the same way it seeks to overwhelm and introvert SPs — make their environment dangerous. Threaten them. And shudder them into complete compliance with the cult’s goals, or into silence.

One of the cruelest pieces of Scientology’s “dangerous environment tech” is the global campaign to black PR psychology, psychologists, psychiatry and psychiatrists as suppressive, evil and criminal, indeed murderous. The cult’s intention is to make our – the wogs’ — mental health system and the doctors and others in the field and system appear so dangerous that people who could benefit from their school of medicine — the most vulnerable people in society — would be terrified and would not get that help.

Black PR, or Black Propaganda, is Scientology’s policy and practice, which Hubbard detailed in scripture, of willful and relentless rumormongering, slander and libel, often from hidden sources. The goal, provided in scripture, of Black PR, which is a basic and pervasive component of Scientology’s war, is destruction of the SP targets’ reputation and consequently elimination of public trust in their knowledge of the cult’s abuses and crimes – making the targets’ environment very threatening.

I speak here from a great deal of personal experience, as an SP target over 27 years, of Scientology’s schemes and actions to make my environment dangerous, to overwhelm, introvert, control and silence me, and destroy my health, sanity and activity. This Fair Game campaign, which is well documented and which, some day Scientologists will

answer for, includes: physically assaulting me on six occasions; breaking into my car; stealing my property, including photographs, documents, a manuscript and original artwork; spying on me and my wife; scaring our neighbors; menacing our families; threatening to assassinate me; terrorizing my companions and me on highways in California and Germany; paying a corrupt Los Angeles Police Department officer for fake authorizations to eavesdrop on me, my attorney and my associates and to tap our telephones; Fair Gaming and compromising my attorney; covertly and unlawfully videotaping me; attempting numerous times to have me prosecuted on false criminal charges based on fabricated evidence, including with the Los Angeles District Attorney, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Prosecutor of Ekaterinburg, Russia; suing me six times; forcing me into bankruptcy; driving me from my home; obtaining unconscionable jail sentences against me and warrants for my arrest in California; forging hundreds of Internet postings over my name, including nonsense and racist messages; running endless intelligence operations against me and my family; and carrying out a global “Black Propaganda” campaign against me that extends to U.S. Federal Government departments, Members of Congress, U.S. diplomatic missions and staff, U.S. state and local government officials, foreign government officials, judges, law enforcement agencies and officers internationally, clergy internationally, media internationally, and the broad international wog and Scientologist populations. Here in Russia, Scientology agents have black PRed me as a “criminal element” to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Federal Security Service, the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs, Provincial Governors, other provincial departments including security services, other government and Church officials, and the mass media. Miscavige wanted Russian Scientologists to make the environment here so dangerous I won’t come here and won’t speak, and to make it dangerous for anyone to trust or listen to me.

While making my environment as dangerous for me as he can so far get away with, Miscavige makes me seem as dangerous as he can to his Scientologist troops, so they will support his global Fair Game campaign. He portrays me as so dangerous that he has made every Scientology church or affiliated company and all of their directors, officers, employees, agents, and even volunteers and attorneys, beneficiaries in a contract that eviscerates my human rights specifically, and the human rights of anyone who would do what I do – talk about Scientology and my experiences in and with and my knowledge of the religion.

This contract, and Scientology’s efforts to enforce it, is no more lawful than a contract would be that prevented people from discussing Christianity and their experiences in and with and knowledge of that religion. Yet virtually every Scientologist signs on to Miscavige’s contract and enforcement efforts to silence me, and potentially everyone else, even in violation of their own “creed,” international human rights charters, and criminal statutes, just because he’s made me so frightfully dangerous to their environment.

Miscavige makes Scientologists environments so sadistically dangerous to them that if they so much as “grant credence” to an SP, that is accept anything an SP says as true, the Scientologists can themselves be declared SPs and targeted for Fair Game as I’ve been. Miscavige threatens Scientology employees, most of whom are treated as slave labor, with punishments of various kinds including incarceration in the cult’s labor camp system, the “Rehabilitation Project Force.”

There have been several credible reports within the past two years from ex-Scientologists who worked close to Miscavige in the cult of him physically assaulting them and others, and regularly verbally and psychologically abusing staff members on a huge scale. He instills an emotion of fear in Scientology staff, fear of his wrath if they aren’t in complete compliance with his goals, and whims, and fear of the dangerous environment in the wog world, which is where they must go should they ever stand up and escape their enslavement and abuse. Virtually everyone who has left Scientology has discovered that the wog world, despite its real dangers, is not nearly as dangerous an environment as they were compelled to believe while in the cult.

Clearly, it is in everyone’s best interests to remove or reduce the dangerousness Scientology makes in the environment for Scientologists, for SPs, other wogs and wog institutions. I’ll just mention two of the many things that could be done to beat the dangerous environment racket.

Get word to the Scientologists, most importantly those most isolated in the cult’s pseudo-military camps, that outside of Scientology is not as dangerous as Hubbard and Miscavige say, that all the opportunities in the world await them, that the SPs aren’t going to suppress them, and that in fact it’s more dangerous in the cult world, where their rights and lives really are suppressed. Let them know sensibly and compassionately that we welcome them to the big wide wog world.

Finally, because of Hubbard’s, Miscavige’s and Scientology’s knowledge of the harm their threats and their generation of dangerous environments are intended to cause, as stated in their own scripture, and because the cult is organized for that harmful purpose, Scientology, from Scientology Zero up, or down, constitutes a continuing crime. Whether or not the proper authorities or agencies prosecute Miscavige and the rest of his conspiracy, or conduct hearings into Scientology, or even investigate this cult and its activities, know that its dangerous environment racket is criminal.

Therefore, collect evidence, get testimony. Study what’s available in Scientology scripture, magazines, advertising and identify the dangerous environment making material. Get statements from former members and from SPs and other wogs of how Scientology threatened them or made their environment dangerous in any way.

Expose Scientology’s racket and make it, in the public opinion, as unacceptable as any other protection racket. And get the proper authorities or agencies to do their proper part to protect the protection racket’s victims.

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