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How “Shiv Shakti Army” seeks to “conquer over the world, 3 square feet at a time”


The Brahma Kumaris have, to date, largely been able to slip underneath the radar of New Religious Movement or Cult Watch groups.  This is partly due to their passive front but largely because of their secrecy and highly centralised structure of control. Secrecy and control especially over its actual mediumistic teachings given to mass séances at its India headquarters. Teachings which the rest of humanity have “intellects too impure” to understand.


The Brahma Kumaris have, for decades, exploited a heavily invested but superficial relationship with the United Nations for the sake of their credibility and to gain access to politicians and VIPs.


It seems strange that an organization whose leaders teach that their followers will bring about the “Destruction” of the world, including the death of 6 Billion “impure” human beings by nuclear holocaust, should be accepted by the United Nations.


The Brahma Kumari teachings have, for 70 years, clearly and specifically stated, that the Brahma Kumaris will “give courage” or inspire the scientists to detonate the nuclear devices in order to “purify” an “impure” humanity, so that they – the Brahma Kumari leadership – might rule as emperors of a heaven on earth for 2,500 years.


Indeed, according to original documents held in the British Library, in its first decade, the Brahma Kumari leadership actually wrote to political and military leaders exhorting them to enact martial law and practise scorched earth.


This letter is not about BK philosophies but rather their values. Whether the cycle is 5000 years long, is neither here nor there, but the way I was taught to feel and perceive my concerns, doubtless the two are connected. My observations and concerns about the Brahma Kumaris have built up over the last few years and if none of you knew how I was feeling despite the many years I’ve known you, well what does that show about the organisation? How can an organisation call itself your family if it knows nothing about you? For twenty odd years, I was unable to talk to my father because he was someone that needed to be served or saved. If he were lucky enough he would get a ticket to heaven just because he knew of me or us”, (his mother was a member, his father wasn’t, the parents were divorced. The Brahma Kumaris have a 70 years record of breaking families); “can you imagine trying to make small talk with your own father as a child because he was some kind of “Shudra”. (Shudra is the word that the Brahma Kumaris use for non-Brahma Kumaris it comes from the Indian which means untouchable. All other human beings are untouchables to the Brahma Kumaris. It’s used with the same sort of influence as perhaps nigger would be used in current society).


“And now to look back and see that I had a father but in my own head I didn’t, how much did I miss? When my parents split up because of Raja Yoga what did the seniors do for me then? Did they hold me when I cried? I might have been given an apple, although I am sure that I’d rather have had my parents back. As a BK child I was bullied at school and I found I had no ability to deal with people or confrontation. All I could do was cry and my mother would have to sort it out. I had no ability to socialise with people. That made me very lonely. I could never have any close friends and when I told other school children about the end of the world I was ridiculed for years after. Childhood in general was very mixed up for me. I do believe that it is for many Brahma Kumaris children. On one level it was taken away from me. I was told “you are an old soul” a-84 birth. People thought that I was like an old man when I was 12 and the responsibility of the world was placed on my shoulders. Let             alone that of saving my own father it was not fair to give the children this kind of superiority complex and burden and yet treat them as children. Then again we were never allowed to grow up. For example my sister was always “the angel” until she became a teenager and fell from grace in the eyes of the others. However could she love herself when she could see herself changing from being a perfect angel to a menstruating, acne riddled teenager?”

You may not be aware of this, the BK actually believe they are becoming angels. They believe that all the memorials in history, all the renaissance paintings of angels are pictures of them. That through their practice they are actually going to become angels of light, saving the world. I am not using these words metaphorically they actually believe this.

“When everybody else can only remember that little angel that she was how the hell was I going to understand puberty? The beginning of sexual energies could inspire nothing less than self-hate and denial, what advice could the sisters give me then?”

The BK is run by a handful of virgin crones essentially from the same community of the Sind in Pakistan, a very repressed society for both male and female. “Whatever advice the seniors gave to me would only make me feel worse about me. Who could I even tell? Neither my own parents nor my BK friends, there was too much shame and what about fun? I only had fun because others and I were naughty; otherwise it was certainly not condoned.”

Though there were certain days when you could dance in a circle they had this angelic way of dancing that is prescribed whereas ordinary play isn’t. The arts were always looked down upon. Perhaps it was also an Indian thing. And then there was destruction”. Destruction, is the word that the Brahma Kumaris use internally for the end of the world; any of the terrible things that we heard in this morning’s session apply equally to the Brahma Kumaris they use that word with a capital D. and I’ll use it through this talk. It’s a total destruction its an annihilation 6 billion people to clear away the world so that 900,000 of them can live in a paradise on earth and that’s meant to happen about 2036 although its already about 70 years over date. “Destruction has been an important part of my upbringing and it has done nothing but damage. I can only feel helplessness, fear, panic, guilt and pain. I was never supposed to be able to do anything meanwhile with my life if it was all to be over soon. I should have sat and meditated alone until I became perfect, yet I supposed I lived in the world as well. What was I supposed to do? How confused can that make a child? If destruction is coming then you may as well see the world and have some fun. There’s no point in studying, as I heard so often, or go to go to university or to develop one self? I have never known basic human rights even to have them taken away from me. Look at it: the right to eat, drink, sleep, feel, fornicate, defecate, speak freely, have friends of your own choice, have a family, none of these things could I do without feeling bad or guilty about them. I even had to remain constipated until I could find a shower because after they defecate the BKs have to wash and change all their clothes. Did any of you know this about me? I doubt it. Emotions had to be kept under the wraps unless the peace and harmony be spoiled. The Brahma Kumaris are such a peaceful organisation, so humble and caring, but its only skin deep. Scratch the surface and push the right buttons and they’re just as angry as the next person, indeed more so, because they’re delusional about it. The only thing that’s wrong is the hypocrisy and BKs take the meaning of the word to extremes.


The Brahma Kumaris are a charity. Charities donate things to other people that are worst off. Does is require such a vast acquisition of wealth and property to do service of the mind? They collect money but they donate virtues and good wishes.


Let me talk about sex now. In fact why has that always been so hard to speak of, are you now cringing inside you as I was for so many years? Externally, I could not talk about the efforts I made to conquer lust, but inside I hoped no one would ever see my real feelings. I put it to you that most of the problems in the BKs come from unresolved sexual desires manifesting for example in perversion, power struggles and grown people flirting like 12 year old children. Repressed sexuality also opens doors to all kinds of abuse. My sister and her friend, as young children, were sexually abused on several occasions by different people in Madiban and Delhi. Madiban is where god incarnates on to earth, in case you don’t know. Delhi is the number one centre outside of Madiban. They’re the no. 1 and no. 2 centres in the Brahma Kumaris. These incidents happened in consequence with different people involved, which suggests a paedophile network within it. Now we know that things happen in life but we are more concerned about the response, the response of leadership to that. Their response was to do nothing. The individuals perpetuating this sexual abuse were left in the position for years. The child was blamed, it was her karma to be sexually abused because obviously she had been sexually abused in her past life and in fact, because it happened in Madiban, which is the god city, it was actually better for her because she had cleared away more of her past karma. They then went on publicly to deny this had ever happened, blaming it on a taxi driver. She was travelling alone within friends at the time.” When one of our four members went to struggle to establish a child protection programme within the BKs he fought for over five years before they would actually consider putting down to paper anything near child protection. It’s unfortunately typical part of their modus operandi. “My mother was powerless to do anything. Do not look too closely; do not listen to many stories, lest the fragile dream be shattered. What makes it worst was that the seniors have always been aware of these all too common travesties within the organisation, yet they have done nothing but hide them away. I find I had to split my personality all I learned from the Bks were to suppress things so that the surface is calm.”


What the Brahma Kumaris don’t want the UN to know”… this is a deliberately provocative statement and I have to admit that throughout this presentation, I am going for a populist message. I am capable of producing an academic paper and we do have endless academia. We have collated a bibliography of all academia on the Brahma Kumaris which is still unfinished. As I say, I am one of 4 moderators and administrators of a website http://www.brahmakumaris.info. Primarily we are ex-members, there are some concerned current members, there are members of break-away groups and there are friends and family of the group who come to the website, to get help, support laugh with one another and we have dedicated ourselves to documenting what the Brahma Kumaris actually are because they have managed to delude academia, the media, politics, the press and to rise to a very very high place in society.


This is the actual web site[1]. I really want to offer this not just about the Brahma Kumaris but about ways similar groups to our own deal with NRMs. When first I stepped into this, I was quite stunned to realise that for every NRM you had a similar sort of dynamic. You had the culties, the ex-culties, the anti-culties and a load of sociologists and journalists making a living of it all. Whether it was Sai Baba, the Moonies, Scientology or whatever, almost the same dynamics existed. What we set out to do was to realise something different and we created an open, independent and ecumenical forum to bring together all the parts of this dysfunctional society: the Brahma Kumaris, their ex-members, the general public effected by them and actually discuss together. We also have, on our site, the very first public opinion poll about the Brahma Kumaris for people to vote about.


When we look at the actual forums on line you can see that there’s a common room, an ex- BK room, a Pbk room (a Brahma Kumaris little known reform group). We’ve actually deliberately tried not to make this an antiparty because that’s what the Brahma Kumaris want: they have self-fulfilling prophesies that say that coming the end of the world there will be antiparties and I struggled very hard not to be that. This is a standard forum where individuals are at liberty to post. We have a number of guideline which are really about protecting ourselves legally, more than anything else, but largely they are allowed to do what they want. They do it themselves and it is self sustaining.


This actually comes from “Ex-Brahma Kumaris Chat” xBKChat.com which was the place where I first found support myself. It was the first web site and it was an incredibly hidden site on the Internet for ex-members of the Brahma Kumaris. It was shut down by the Brahma Kumaris under legal threat of libel with a confidentiality agreement signed. We actually basically saved the information contained in the site because it had some incredibly important thought about the Brahma Kumaris and NRMs and now we have an archive with this material. It was shut down and exactly at the same time they managed to shut it down we kicked into action and they probably regret that deeply.


Returning to the main part of this website: up at the top there’s a series of banners and links which take you to the different parts of the site and we have a portal front, a forum and a news section which is basically like a blog. Then we have the real specialist areas for newcomers, politicians, academics, VIPs, all the people that the Brahma Kumaris want to get to first so as to influence them. That tells them what the Brahma Kumaris are actually all about.


The first thing I want to flag up here, is that the Brahma Kumaris are highly involved in

various psychical beliefs. They call themselves a spiritual organisation, a “Spiritual University”. They are not university. There’s no university there. “It’s a kindergarten” to quote academic Lawrence Babb[2]. What they are really doing is channelling and mediumship. This is a difficult issue to discuss because I am sure that it divides you as it divides academia. They’re involved with “spooks” and that is what I essentially respond to. Whether we understand them as ghosts, the collective unconscious or whatever we just call them “spooks” because that what they think they are. On the right of the screen, you can actually see God being channelled through one of the Senior Sisters and when I say that, I don’t mean an incarnation of God, God’s vibrations, an inspiration of God. I mean that a little “light bulb” called god comes into her head, takes over her body and moves it about and talks and meets the Brahma Kumaris. That is certainly what they believe. Whether it is or not, of course, we will have to wait and find out. It’s unusual within the realms of channelled beings to actually claim to be God I think it only happened maybe one or two times. You get everything spacemen, Atlantians, Napoleon but to actually claim to be God is something quite unique.


Destruction, the end of the world, this is for real. The Brahma Kumaris are not just notionally involved about the end of the world; they are in a constant state of incantation about the end, the end, the end, which has always been two to three years, four to five away.

The dates at the top of the web page: I was involved with the organisation back in the 1980s; I never discovered the dates until 20 years later. They are so hidden to all the members, only now since we’ve been doing our work, can people see that these are definite dates. The Brahma Kumaris say “Oh, God has never given us a definite date” but actually we’ve discovered that there have been a series of them, they have just erased them from their history.


So these are the static front ends of the web site pages. What the most important thing we have next is the Wikipedia. This is the encyclopaedia to decipher the language of the Brahma Kumaris. People fall into the trap fooled with the delusion that the BKs are Hindus. The Brahma Kumaris have essentially nothing to do with Hinduism. They use the language, they adopt the metaphors, but their meanings are completely different and that’s something that academia has not understood. They think the BKs are Hindus. So basically we’ve established that you could put in a search for any crazy word that they use and that will come up with a page and a picture. We’ve put up training manuals so that the public can know what the Brahma Kumaris are telling before they go through the soft cell presentation. We also put up a set of channelled messages: these are 5-6 page long rants that God has spoken through the various mediums; these are utterly secret nobody gets to see them unless they’re properly ready. And we’re taking them straight to the public because ultimately if you’re going to make a life commitment you should know ahead about what you are doing, not once you’re inculcated and the Stockholm syndrome has grabbed you and taken you away from your family.


The Shakar Murli[3]: this is one of the early channelled messages; we have plenty of examples on the web site. This is one of the benefits of the Wikipedia software which is open source free software, which anybody can use, in that it provides a very documented back end of “who made what” “who changed what”. If we look at one article we can actually see “who edited what” and then if we make choices, we can see the difference between the edits and the theory here. We can actually check to see how they are rewriting and revising their messages from God. These were 5 years worth of messages in the 1960s which they say are the only messages that God gave at that point and of course, they are chopping and changing them to suit themselves as predictions fail. That’s not something that has been made generally known to the public. So we can actually see side-by-side the changes they make. We have an extensive download section that we are building up. It’s a 1.5 gigabyte of information, so far. People can go to different sections. Again we have the Murlis to download. Now the Brahma Kumaris will not even allow their own followers to have these messages, they won’t let them take them out of the centres, they will only be allowed to read them in certain places and we actually have Bks emailing us, desperate to have these messages because they’re in love with this spiritual being that is God. We’re building up the place of all the academia that has ever been done about the Brahma Kumaris so that everyone can get everything straight away. Partly, this is because of a war that we have had on the Wikipedia proper with them. We are, of course, also looking at their finances because at the bottom line where does the money go?


Wikipedia article: If anybody wants to know who the Brahma Kumaris really are look at the back end of the discussion pages, the arbitration committee, the moderations. We have had a two year war with them in order to present the truth and not a PR version of what we do and even now it is modest, verging on academic. It is not a polemic, it’s not pejorative. I have tried to do well but you should see the deviance, the manipulation, the lies, I cannot express what we have been through with these people just to get something that’s accurately honest. At the bottom of it there is a set of references about this long struggle because we have had to fight over basically every word to get it up there. So this is our website!


What was the BKWSU’s[4] response to it? The same week that they sent a letter to the United Nations telling them how the U.N. and how the leaders of the world had to act and listen to criticism and take on the views of common people they started legal action against us to shut us down and I joined the ranks of the people who had been sued by a cult and thankfully an even smaller club of people that won. They tried to knock us out. It was a horrendously expensive and painful, mentally and emotionally. The level of deviance they got up to, I would never have expected it!


Betrayals: they have an international spy ring. People, ex-members, talk about the Brahma Kumaris in terms of the “mafia” that’s not hysterical. The closest thing in terms of “business models” to the Brahma Kumaris is the mafia. They have a series of reputable, seeming respectful, even legal fronts but inside that it’s a completely different game, an international game, as some of the speakers said today.


Now this is actually an appeal. You’ve seen the website. You can see the concept behind it. Most of the ex-cult groups fall into the “anti-ex” profile and I think they defeat themselves in that, because they get caught in the polemics, the Hegelian dialectics of two sides fighting. Our website is held together by bits and pieces of free software.  It looks good, but behind it we’ve had to fit all these bits together because nothing existed which was accessible to us.  It has absolutely broken the Brahma Kumaris open and it is actually helping them to improve and what we are trying to do, what we are doing, is to lobby them directly to implement duty of care and reform programmes. We are not antis, we are not attacking them. I think this  could be taken as an example and used for other groups and in fact. I think there should be an international data base of all groups using this model. Largely because the people concerned themselves contribute to the work. You don’t have to do the work.  You put the forum up and it happens. There exist commercial operations which carry out what we call “social networking” in the internet world, this is just one example which has all the parts that fit and work together. Ours could be improved. I would just like to make a call to somebody among the universists to speak to some software developers in the open source community who provide software for free to work on some model like this to apply to all NRMs.


The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University: This is what they say about themselves “The BKWSU is a Non-Governmental Organisation, affiliated to the United Nations, working towards world peace through personal change.” The Brahma Kumaris are in love with the United Nations. If I could ask for anything, I would like to separate them from that. If you look on Google you will discover that there are something like 77,000 pages connecting the Brahma Kumaris with the U.N. They have actually been punished by U.N. for over using the connection, over exaggerating it. They have relentlessly used this connection to validate their teachings, but the United Nations know nothing about such teachings. You can look at the BKWSU International web site: very sleek and well marketed. The Brahma Kumaris have invested a tremendous amount of money, energy and time into becoming something at the U.N. which really comes down to a table and a chair. They have a dedicated Brahma Kumaris at the United Nations web site. Now the purpose of the United Nations association is that the groups that associate with U.N. are meant to be doing what the U.N. wants and I think we all have a basic idea about what the U.N. is about. We presume that the U.N. are trying to bring countries and nations and people together. This is actually a quote from the Brahma Kumaris own web site: “During the tense years that preceded WWII, a group of spiritual men and women came together in the East, united by their commitment to the welfare of humanity as the founding fathers of the United Nations formulated a blue print for world peace and security, the founding members of the Brahma Kumaris were researching universal core values which they considered as necessary to restore individual worth and human dignity.” This is the wonderful sort of padding that they are capable of. That’s what they say they were doing. Luck had it that I found a text in the British Library of what they actually had said at that time. This is a new find. Nobody in academia has gotten to this until now. Brahma Kumaris in 1942 wrote to the Military marshals of the world, in the middle of WWII, and they are telling them “to suspend civilian law to enable marshal law and practise a scorched earth policy”. So in 1942 Brahma Kumaris were writing to people like the Vice-Roy of India, Ghandi, Kings, Princes and this is the sort of messages they were sending out telling them to basically destroy the world…  They actually believe that they are destroying the world they believe that WWII was a manifestation of their purification ritual of the world and of course they are going to inherit the world. So, typical of their predictions, the Indian Government is going to hand over power to the Brahma Kumaris soon, the whole world will recognise the Brahma Kumaris as God’s own instrument and that God has come to earth.


The Thar desert which is this vast desert around their headquarters on the Pakistan border is to be full of millions of people, devotees coming to worship them. These people, their devotees (the words they use for worshipper or devotee is actually “baggot” which is a disparaging word) they would not use this word to describe another Brahma Kumari because they are Brahmans, they are enlightened, they are self realised, they are pure, you are impure not self realised, unenlightened…. all of you, everybody, every other religion…they are the only true religion.


So, what do the Brahma Kumaris actually believe behind this kind of New Age “Peace and light”? Destruction! The announced death of 6 billion impure untouchables to make way for a Golden Age of heaven on earth for 900.000 of their faithful followers.


I would like people to separate the leadership of the Brahma Kumaris from the followers. They like to say they that they are all one – they’re not. There’s a tight little personality cult within the movement that I really call the Brahma Kumaris.  We are at present trying to analyse who they actually are. What they do believe is that they have started this destruction and that they’re going to make it by their Yoga Power. As a reward for that, they are going to get the best seats, which means that they are going to become the deities of this Golden Age world. And they will have a very specific hierarchy: emperors, kings and queens, subjects all the way down to cremators, depending on one’s efforts, what you do and don’t do, you’re going to be reborn. Of course these little old ladies that we know as the Brahma Kumaris are going to be the ruling class and if you stick in with them you might become one of their family or perhaps their courtiers or if you do something wrong such as going off and falling in love and having a relationship, well the best you might become is an undertaker – a body burner. So what they encourage people to do on the basis of this, is surrender their mind, body and wealth, everything. Dadi Janky, who is a star in New Age circles, has made jokes about this “the Brahma Kumaris say: we give our teachings for free but once you’re in we will take everything” and they really mean that, I’m talking about everything not just physically but also mentally and spiritually.


This screen shows one of their old themes which is how they picture present day earth as a hell and the destruction of it by a war between America and Russia. The big joke is that they’ve denied this in public. However we are collating all the media as they come along and they’ve denied that they actually believe this any more, they call it a transformation – Its OK guys, the world is going to be “transformed” – by nuclear wars, civil wars, natural disasters, continents are going to sink, the only places that will be left apart from India will be places where there have been Raja Yoga centres and they’ll become picnic spots for the deities, for the reincarnated Brahma Kumaris, to go to in their nuclear powered flying machines. I am not making any of this up; I am actually toning it down to fit in time.

Well take a step, a step back, here we go again: “Wild science-proud Christian cats”, that’s us guys “fighting for the butter of world sovereignty” they’re doing this, picking a lot of Hindu metaphors and churning them up with their spiritualistic messages.


So what do they teach? They teach a 5000 year cycle . That means that in 5000 years time we will be sitting here among each other again, you will listen to me as you are doing today. This screen is an older version of the cycle, what the cycle means is that the first 2.5 thousand years was heaven, 2.5 thousand years was hell and somewhere around 2.5 thousand years ago the dinosaurs existed. They teach that there are three worlds. That God exists in the top world. We are a soul and instead of evolution they teach devolution. Humanity has come down from a Golden Age state to a hellish state and we see the Brahma Kumaris saving the world. This talks about 1976 destruction they’ve since removed this poster. Who is teaching this? God himself. And this is Lekraj Kripalani being possessed by God. The little point in his eye going red he is Adam his Brahma Kumaris partner was Eve. He is also Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar (which is ridiculous to a Hindu) he is being slowly deified. Their God is the God of all other gods. You can see how they are building these images: drawing in all religions to their religion. There are various different versions of the same message of course they are the supreme religion. This is the medium and in the middle here we have Dadi Janky feeding God which is one of their little shows that they have put on before. On this screen what is going on concerns various sorts of mediumships of previous members, of deities from the Golden Age, of deceased Brahma Kumaris. Actually, I think that the Brahma Kumaris are being possessed or overshadowed by spirits, whether real spirits if you believe in that, whether subconscious energies. From my own experience I would accept this. They have very powerful visions and lights and so on and though I don’t understand this and I don’t think people do but if people want to start understanding channelled beings they should look at two books which are the best ones on the subject – Joe fisher[5] and M. Scot Peck[6].


The 8,000 branches of the Spiritual University are actually houses that people live in. There is no university. They say they are not a religion yet their founding articles say that they are there to ordain and maintain clergy. They say they are a Spiritual University and a registered charity to alleviate poverty. They have an income of £1 to 2 million a year, in the U.K. assets of £16 million and they have never distributed any wealth at all. They say they are promoting Hindus. They teach that they are not Hindus that Bakti Hinduism is ignorance.

I went to a lot of trouble here to actually show people that the Brahma Kumaris life

is relentless. Every hour from 3.30 a.m. thru’ to 10.30 p.m. is taken up with meditation class, meditation, meditation, that’s a seven-day a week schedule, 7 days, 52 weeks there are no holidays. You don’t just go to church on one day a week. It is every day of the week. No sex, no touching, segregation, showering after going to the toilet, washing genitals after urinating, only keeping Brahma Kumaris company, no gods apart from theirs, no practises apart from theirs, no novels, no cinemas, no medias. You can only eat food that’s cooked by Brahma Kumaris, you can only eat vegetarian no eggs no onions and then inside that single day, your day is then broken down to hourly sections. This is a chart they use each week, cut into daily sections each month and then it is set into annual sections. So, I think if we were to look the standard definitions of cults they would score fairly high.


This is actually their own copy of their principles. All through this talk we are relating to original documents, nothing made up. One of the things I am most concerned about is that in India, they’re actually requiring parents to hand over the dowries of young girls who want to join them in their teen ages so that they don’t run away and that their parents are not dumping unwanted daughters on them and to me that’s tantamount to slavery.

They are not teaching Raja Yoga. They claim to be teaching ancient Raja Yoga. It is not, it only existed after 1950. I want to tell you about was a friend of mine. This is all that’s left of her, it’s a death certificate. The coroner’s report says she died of multiple injuries consistent with a fall from a height. What he didn’t know is that she jumped from a five storey building. She killed herself on her second attempt after falling in love with one of the other members. The symbolic version of that is that God says that to have sex is like falling from the fifth floor of a five storey building and she killed herself in this way.  We are tracking suicides within the organisations. People hanging themselves in God’s house, women burning themselves in their houses, people that have financially given to the organisation killing themselves. One beautiful one in Delhi where someone killed himself in Baba’s room, that’s Gods room and then the sister in charge locked the door, went off to give class for one hour and a half, offered food to God, fed the people and then went back to take care of the corpse that she had left. On our website we list all of the names of all of the different fronts that they use and we are keeping them up to date. What we found luckily were some documents from the 1930s and 1940s which show the hidden truths of their religion. They had destroyed them, luckily I found them: letters to Ghandi, Queen Elisabeth, Vice-Roys of India and these original books and teaching posters. The significance of this is that they utterly contradict what they are teaching now. And among examples I’ve given, the biggest one is that for the first twenty years of their existence there was no God Shiva. So for twenty years they had a different God and nobody knows anything about their transformation. What happened was completely hidden and I mention this quickly really in order to question the credibility of the leadership and to show their modus operandi. It’s a fake history.



[1] Comments from here onwards are directly concerned with screens of the website.

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