CROATIA-Split/ CISK Croatia speaks for the daily; Slobodan Dalmacija in Split : “Cults – On the Edge of Reason”, 28.05.2016.

Article by the journalist Tihana Marović. The participants were : Branka Dujmić-Delcourt – President of CISK, Verica Jačmenica Jazbec, MD – Specialist in Paediatrics and Nebojša Budanovac  – Social Educationalist and Psychotherapist.
The topics discussed :
    Crises are favourable for manipulation of human despair
    Charlatans operate everywhere, but only here in Croatia are they received by the President
    Satanism : Demonic doctrine and vandalism – From blood pact to suicide
    The Sai Baba programmes; “Education in human values”, applied in the Kindergarten of Split
    Cults against chemotherapy – From ‘healing’ to blackmailing and searching in India for rescue through salvation
    State leaders in Croatia were informed, but did not react

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