Cultic undue influence in the field of health

Saturday 25 March 2023 from 9 am to 5 pm

Espace Ethique Méditerranéen
Hôpital d’adultes de La Timone 264 rue Saint Pierre, 13005 Marseille

Organised by the

European Federation of Centres of Research and Information on

Cults and Sects (FECRIS)


In collaboration with GEMPPI


Didier Pachoud, President of GEMPPI, Welcome and thanks to the sponsors, speakers, volunteers and participants who arrived in Marseille despite travel disruption.


Jean-Pierre Jougla, President of the scientific committee of FECRIS, opened the Conference by reading a message from FECRIS President André Frédéric, (Belgium)


Anne-Marie Courage, counsellor to the Mission Interministérielle de Vigilance et de Lutte contre les Dérives Sectaires (MIVILUDES) (Ministry of the Interior) (France) transmitted a message from the Prefect Christian Ravel and Donatien Le Vaillant, President of MIVILUDES). The relationship between professional training, health, and sectarian aberrations.


Luis Santamaria del Rio, Theologian, one of the founders of the Ibero-American Network for the Study of Sects (RIES), director of the library-Documentation Centre “José María Baamonde”, dedicated to the sectarian/cultic phenomenon and new religiosity (Spain)

The esoteric roots of pseudo-therapies and healing cults


Eric Kania, psychiatrist, vice-president of GEMPPI. Lecturer on health and sectarian risks for the master’s degree in medical ethics, Faculty of Medicine, Marseille (EEM).

Sectarian risk in healthcare practice.


Guy Rapaille, President of CIAOSN, magistrate (Belgium)

The Belgian Government’s « Centre d’Information et d’Avis sur les Organisations sectaires Nuisibles »


CIAOSN analyst,

The challenges of the fight against undue influence in the field of health – Legal aspects 


Livia Puljak, Member of the FECRIS’ Scientific Committee, Director of the Centre for Evidence-based Medicine and Health Care, Catholic University of Croatia, Zagreb (Croatia)

Using the best scientific evidence to make informed health decisions.


Grégoire Andreo, researcher University of Montpellier (PhD in language sciences) to follow up on the victimisation survey on psycho-spiritual (psychological therapy in deviant religious groups).

Linguistic analysis of the para-therapeutic discourse of a charismatic group and its victims


Lorita Tinelli, legal psychologist, President of CeSAP – Centro Studi Abusi Psicologici (Italy) introduction of a case and presentation of a witness,

Crazy Therapies, inertia, and collusion of professional orders in Europe: the “Anidra” case


Testimony of Rita Repetto (Italy), co-victim 


Jean-Louis Amelineau, President of Infos Sectes Aquitaine, (CCMM)(France)

Combatting undue influence in the field of health: presentation of the work of the association Infos Sectes Aquitaine


Claude Delpech, President of ASFI (False Memories’ Association) (France)

Induced False memories after the pandemic confinement, the present state of affairs?


Michael Hermann, Head of Religious Affairs/Church State Law Unit, Ministry of Culture, Youth[i] and Sports, Baden-Württemberg (Germany)

Cults/Sects in the field of health – how we teach prevention in schools.


Jean-Pierre Jougla closed the conference.


[i] Michael Hermann was unable to give his presentation because of the air strike. He nevertheless attended the AGM to represent Zebra BW by video conference and gave us his permission to publish it.