Cults and the Rule of Law

Acts of the Conference

Cults and the Rule of Law

Thursday 30 May 2013

Kosmopol Conference Centre, Fiolstraede 44, 1171 Copenhagen – Denmark

organized by the

European Federation of Centres of Research and Information on Sectarianism


with the logistic support of TFST [1]

and sponsored by the French Government



Tom Sackville, President of FECRIS, United Kingdom

Introduction and welcome


Serge Blisko, President of MIVILUDES [2], France


Annelise Oeschger, President of the Human Rights Committee of the INGO in the Council of Europe, Switzerland

The role of civil society in policy-making processes


Jean Pierre Jougla, UNADFI [3], France

The cults’ political model versus democracy


Eric Brasseur, Director of CIAOSN [4], Belgium

Cultic organisations and the Rule of Law in Belgium


Stephen Kent, Professor, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

Freemen, Sovereign Citizens, and the threat to public order in British heritage countries – Presentation


Hans-Werner Carlhoff President of the interministerial working group on cults and psycho groups in Baden-Württemberg. Germany

The “Reich Citizens’ Movement” and its ideological/philosophical background

Current situation with Scientology


Yuji Hirooka, Japanese journalist living in France

Cults and the Rule of Law: Soka Gakkai


Roland Planchar, journalist, Belgium (replacing André Frédéric, member and vice-president of the House of Representatives of Belgium)

How cultist groups use politics


Alexander Dvorkin, President of the CRS [5], Russia

The Vissarion cult – an attempt to create a cultic State in Siberia


Franco Da Prato, ex-member of Damanhur, Italy

His experience and research: the Damanhur community, a magical contradictory movement – Photos


Jon Atack, author and ex-scientologist, United Kingdom

Scientology: The Church of Hate – An Anti-Social Religion Emerges in the Space Age


Jean Pierre Jougla, UNADFI, France

Presentation of a University degree course on « Cultic influence and vulnerability processes » which he co-directs in the Faculty of Medicine Paris V


Luigi Corvaglia, Vice President of CeSAP [6] , Italy

Morgane le Faye: undue influence between scepticism and anti-prohibition – presentation

Our board member Anne Edelstam has written a report about this conference:

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