De Reuck

My Mother’s story


Nathalie De Reuck, journalist and author

led the personal investigation into her mother’s death culminating in the publication of the book « They killed my mother”  and the film  “ Death by telephone prescription”


I agreed to come and testify before you, in the same way as I agreed to tell my story in the broadcast ‘Death by telephone prescription’ by Philippe Dutilleul and in the book. For just one reason: to keep the promise that I made to my mum on her death bed, to expose the facts and bring the problem into the public eye.


It is a battle that I am fighting on several fronts:

– Firstly through the report that was broadcast on Radio Télévision Belge (Belgian Radio Television) in December 2009

– By means of a second documentary that Philippe Dutilleul and I are producing together, and which, unlike the first, which specifically told the story of a victim, Jacqueline Starck, my mother, will instead take a focus on Total Biology and New German Medicine

– Through the complaint, lodged with the Public Prosecutor in Brussels in September 2009. I have spent a year working on this in order to strengthen and consolidate the case, so that it can serve as an example and be effective

And finally, through the book ‘On a tué ma mère’ (Medical charlatans killed my mother), distributed in France and Belgium by Buchet/Chastel which, because of media reception, allowed this sectarian problem to be exposed.


It was at the end of 2005 that mum first discovered a tiny lump in her left breast. It was invisible to the naked eye and could only be detected through feeling.

Her osteopath who had been treating her for about ten years, a friend of my parents, explained that it was simply the manifestation of a conflict. Her left breast, according to the law of laterality, corresponds to a problem with my father. Nothing to be alarmed about. On the contrary. It means that the conflict is resolving itself. We all develop cancers several times a year, which shrink by themselves if you ignore them, he claims.


A gynaecological friend explained to me, on the other hand, that this lump was dangerous, and could grow quickly.

My mother, however, who had immediately agreed to undergo medical tests, changed her mind under the influence of her osteopath and decided to follow his diagnosis.

She made contact with Mme Brigitte, a kinesiologist, dowser, homeopath, cartomancer, geobiologist, ….whatever you like, in any case not a doctor, and on her advice, with a certain Willy, a Belgian living in the Auvergne, working with energies, a specialist in removing spells.

The three of them share in mum’s “treatment”.

The osteopath drains the lymphatic system through body massages, looks, with her, into possible causes in her past, using Family Constellation Therapy and Psychogenealogy, recommending Bach flowers whilst using kinesiology.

Mme Brigitte prescribes small homeopathic pills with the aid of her pendulum, cleans and decontaminates the apartment by working on terrestrial energies and practises kinesiology from a distance.

Willy raises the psychic and body energies and fights the evil eye.

So, the two of them go about prescribing elixirs and other remedies, in short, “caring for” mum for a year WITHOUT ever having met her face to face.


Each extra physical manifestation is considered as extremely positive and adds to their argument. She loses blood, her lymph glands ooze, her tumours and arm swell up: that is all fine, her body is simply cleaning and purifying itself. It is eliminating and responding correctly to the drainage system.

They claim one and the same thing: ALLOPATHIC MEDICINE KILLS and consequently chemotherapy and radiotherapy also.


One must avoid hospitals, which harm and mutilate patients. Surgical procedures and medical treatments, according to them, serve only to line the pockets of pharmaceutical companies.


From then onwards they get down to finding the origin and causes of the conflict.

Her past is dug up. Everything is questioned. Her relationship with my grandmother who, they maintain, did not want her to be born. With my grandfather, authoritarian and psychologically rigid. With her elder sisters, jealous of this last little one. With her former relationships, envious and greedy. With her husband, a torturer and a tyrant.

With me, her daughter, manipulative and dictatorial.


The frequency of telephone contact increases as does her pain. From once a week, they increase to several times a day! Willy implies that he is now working 24 hours a day on mum, flushing out the cause of her conflict and battle against the extremely violent magic attacks.

He fights the magicians of Sardinia, where my parents lived when they were younger and which he says if the birthplace of black magic. And he cleanses the whole neighbourhood of sorcerers.

He even breaks up a whole USSR network.


To ‘help’ them in their arduous task, they recommend a group of therapists: an iridologist, a kinesiologist, an expert in Chakras energy, a psychogenealogist, some geobiologists. The latter demanded 350 euros for an hour spent cleansing the apartment!

Mum, conscientious, inquires about their references and their certifications.

She certainly does not want to risk falling into the hands of a charlatan. She wants professional, competent people.


The money slips away, time passes and her condition deteriorates at a tremendous rate.

Violent arguments break out between mum and me. I try to persuade her to go to hospital but, convinced that this would bring about her death, she accuses me of being a bad daughter.

She is beyond any reflection or logical reasoning, completely dependent on these healers. I have the impression that they are pulling the strings of a puppet that they manipulate at will.

When we speak, we are each in a different world and on occasions I wonder about the reality and truthfulness of their arguments.


It is terribly demanding and distressing to find oneself confronted with such an unlikely argument that is actually supported by a multitude of different people. All the more so because some of them are from a medical background.

To try to convince my mother I contact a homeopathic doctor with a diploma who is on the register of the medical association. A register which, clearly, should be free from charlatans.

At least, that is what I thought. Since for his only diagnosis, he accuses me, as an only daughter, of being responsible for his patient’s illness and exhorts me to help my mother find the conflict dividing us.

It is only after making some enquiries that I then discovered he was the right hand man of Claude Sabbah in Belgium and main director of BTEV, the Belgian Institute of Total Biology of living beings.


In despair, I try to alert the police and emergency hospital services but none of them could help me at all. The law allows its subjects to choose whether or not they want to be treated. They could not intervene in any situation. It is pointless to state that I had not told anyone about the situation. For two reasons. Firstly because Jacqueline, influenced by the therapists who were isolating her from her friends and relatives, ordered me not to, and then because I simply did not know where to go to for help.



January 2007, her left arm and hand have now doubled in size. Hard, swollen and rigid, they made her back bend because of the weight.

The breast has shrunk into a solid mass under the armpit. The nipple has been replaced by a gaping wound about twenty centimetres across, oozing blood and purulent. There is a continuous discharge of a mixture of pus, lymph and blood.

One evening, mum wonders where this nauseating smell is coming from which seems to follow her around…she realises that it is emanating from her own body.

The right breast starts to enlarge and redden.

The whole of her thorax and neck is covered with tumours and purple ruptured veins. A constant feeling of suffocation prevents her from breathing properly.

She moves with difficulty, hampered by the physical manifestations of the cancer which is gnawing away at her and the ever-present shooting pains.


In the face of the grisly picture of Jacqueline and the yells of pain that she can no longer contain, the gurus tell her to selflessness and acceptance.


Willy recommends putting onion on the wound; he specifies warm green clay for the arm, and…to leave dad.

Mme Brigitte prescribes tincture of Calendula to gently dab on, a few drops of lemon to disinfect, floral elixirs and small homeopathic pills for the pain and…to leave the apartment.

The osteopath admits to her, in February 2007, that he is very proud of her. She is much better off dying at home than surrounded by vultures in a hospital. Mum starts to be afraid, frightened by what he is saying! It is not a question of dying but of being cured; that is what he has been telling her for more than a year. Angry with him, disorientated by this turnaround, she refuses to see him again.


On 17th April 2007, Jacqueline finally agrees to go to hospital. The therapists have ‘left’ her, accusing her of basically wanting to be ill, to act the martyr.

“You need to be ill”. That is what they throw at her shortly before she dies.


It is when she was informed of the result of the biopsy that mum understood she had cancer. Her eyes showed no sign of fear or panic, like someone who has discovered this diagnosis, but rather stupor. Until that precise moment, she had never doubted the charlatans who had assured her that she did not have cancer, merely the symptoms.


She immediately spoke to me of the K7 audio on which she had recorded some of the conversations. She wanted them to be used to lodge a complaint and prevent other ill people from coming under the influence of these conmen.


I should specify. Jacqueline had not recorded these dialogues with the intention of harming them. It was a practice that she had been adopting regularly for about thirty years with doctors, after some other health concerns from which she suffered. It allowed her to analyse and study the therapeutic terms and medicinal references.


Mum passed away on 13th June 2007.


During the weeks after her death, I drifted along on a wave of incomprehension.

Was mum mad? Or was I?

On the internet, my research initially focussed on psychiatric illnesses. I was trying to understand what had led my mother to refuse to be treated. I could see no reason other than madness.


After many steps trying to shed some light on this, I came across the Association pour Victimes de Psychothérapeutes auto proclamés (Association for Victims of self-proclaimed Psychotherapists). It was a real relief to be heard and understood. A release.


Afterwards, I listened to the recordings of some of the telephone conversations between Jacqueline and these charlatans.

Esotericism was subtly mixed with pseudo scientific ideas. Steadily-growing arguments that allowed me to trace the increasing level of manipulation.


With the aim of compiling a dossier of the complaint, I sifted through and transcribed about twenty telephone conversations. I grouped names together, established links, archived their arguments. I made enquiries on the internet to find out the basis of their theory.


And then a volunteer in the association put me in contact with Philippe Dutilleul, allowing me to gain more in-depth knowledge.

I discovered a frightening world.

In order to get them to reveal themselves and drop the official mask, we had no choice other than to resort to the use of hidden cameras.

There is a huge gulf between the syrupy, sterile arguments adopted with the sole intention of demonstrating a willingness to collaborate with traditional medicine, and the arguments that they uphold in private consultations.

On approaching Josie Kromer, Jean-Jacques Crèvecoeur and other defendants of Total Biology, in referring to a cancer or other illness, I saw myself ardently recommended to stop all allopathic treatment or else die of it.

It is clear that these therapists believe that they are in possession of the only truth, and that consequently, to follow any paths other than theirs is an inescapable route to death.


Which therefore establishes that in actual fact, they dictate the contrary to what they claim – that they collaborate with traditional medicine – as this is simply absurd and impossible.


Frightening when we consider that the participants at their costly training courses include  people basically stemming from the medical environment: doctors, kinesitherapists, osteopaths, nurses, or, of course, the sick. People suffering from Parkinson disease, AIDS, multiple sclerosis who hold onto these wild hopes.


All the more appalling when we discover that, unlike what they inculcate into their patients, they themselves rush to hospital to benefit from leading treatments should they personally succumb to illness.

As proof of this, when Jacqueline’s therapist discovered that he had a brain tumour, he rushed instantly to the famous Clinique Universitaire Bruxelloise (University Hospital of Brussels).


‘I wonder to what degree your mother might have transmitted her cancer to me’ he said, when I met him, before informing me that Jacqueline owed him a considerable sum of money for his services.



As for Brigitte, she maintained, with an unconvincing smile, that Jacqueline had died of a cancer that had, actual fact, cured her and that her astral body had thus been liberated. She would return, relieved of her conflicts.


The osteopath continued to maintain that we all develop several cancers a year, which spontaneously shrink, and that if Jacqueline had died it was her personal choice. She had deliberately refused to resolve her conflict.


Machiavellian to the end.


True to themselves, they followed the precepts of the Total Biology or Hamer method. Astounding, woolly-minded but oh so profitable.


Since the film ‘Organic death by telephone prescription’ has been broadcast, and in particular since the publication of the book ‘Medical charlatans killed my mother’, dozens of victims have contacted me. To express their relief in realising that they are not alone and in particular to understand the manipulative process of which their relative was a victim. Perhaps a first step in the slow process in relieving their sense of guilt…

There are a great many calls for help. Most of them do not know where to turn to for psychological and practical assistance, or what to do to expose the facts.


Which allows me to suggest that we must not only quickly establish a centre to guide victims and compile a register of them, but also act to prevent this from ever occurring? It is a matter of public health.