Destructive Groups and Youth

Date:  04/10/2014
Lieu: Montenegro

A conference on «DESTRUCTIVE GROUPS AND YOUTH» was held on October 4, 2014 in Nikšić (Montenegro). The Conference was organized by the Centre for Security, Sociological and Criminological Research of Montenegro «Defendologya», (the FECRIS corresponedent), in collaboration with the City Assembly of Nikšić, Secretariat for Culture, Sport, Youth and Social Care.

The Conference brought together experts from different fields and representatives of local and national institutions such as the Centre for Social Welfare, the Municipality of Nikšić and the Ministry of Interior, as well as delegates from NGOs and citizens. The event had been announced and was reported on by the regular TV programs of Nikšić.
The Conference was opened by the representative of the City Assembly of Nikšić, Mr. Milan Korać, followed by a welcome address from Mr Duško Vejnović, President of the European Defendology Centre. Amongst the speakers were Ms Branka Dujmić-Delcourt, President of CISK (the Croatian Centre for Information on Sects and Cults) and Member of the Executive Committee of FECRIS (the European Federation of Centres of Research and Information on Sect and Cults), Dr. Verica Jačmenica Jazbec, Specialist in Pediatrics – Member and Counselor of CISK, Ms MSc Mirjana Popović, Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Nikšić, Mr. Slavko Milić, President of the Defendology Center and Ms Jelena Đurković, Criminologist – associate to Defendology.

The meeting debated on issues raised by certain cultic organizations of manipulative character which act beyond the domain of human rights. Their connection with certain unlawful actions may pose security threats, not only for the members of such groups, but also for the wider community. A particular threat arises from cult apologists and similar lobbyists who infiltrate public positions. Under the cover of „religion, morality and humanism“, their destructive propositions and “solutions” may penetrate the scientific, medical and education systems.

The Conference concluded and agreed on the urgent need for significant independent expert and scientific research probing into the areas covered by the Conference, and the promulgation in Montenegro of legislation similar to that adopted in EU countries such as France.

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