Rainer Fromm

Journalist, scenario writer and film maker

The Black Occult Scene of Youngsters: From the “Grufti” Movement to the Nazi Black Metal [1]

He described from the dark paradise of young occultists, the Grufti movement (Punk, Gothic) to the Nazis of Black Metal or Darkware. A heterogeneous subculture of approximately 350 disciplined individuals and cultivating the ideal of becoming gods. The Gothics, sad misfits, usually go no further than their often morbid way of dressing, while Black Metal cultivate violence, hatred of Christians and Jews and regard their enemies as sub-humans.


Internet contributes to create contacts and to diffuse doctrines of war, predominance of the white race, of eugenism, provocations and transgressions (perverse plays, paedophilia, vampirism, violence).


[1] according to notes taken during the lecture