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Pastor Thomas Gandow ,

cult counsellor of the Protestant church of Berlin-Brandenburg

Cults or foreign lobbying groups?

Make it so unbelievable,
that nobody believes it

Delusion and crazy idea? – Or serious political challenge?

For the Minister of the Interior of the German Bundesland Hessen, the matter was clear already 20 years ago. On 20 March 1986, the Social Democrat Press Service published an “all clear” signal with respect to the LaRouche-Movement.

Under the title “Extravagant and paranoid” the minister announced that “the European Labour Party” (Europäische Arbeiterpartei, EAP) which was mentioned several times during the last days in the public discussion, is a pronounced sectarianoriented splinter group.

His opinion as the Minister of the Interior:

“This group should not to be taken especially seriously.”


His justification:

“LaRouche lives in the delusion ‘that the fate of the world is in his hands’”.


This was not considered to be a reason for concern for the politician.

On the contrary:

“I urgently ask that this cultic group should not be considered as serious politically. Everything they say is extravagant and paranoid, but cannot be related to clear political goals. To classify the EAP as a part of the New Left or of leftist extremism would be as incorrect as to classify it on the extreme right.”


“The real danger”, the Minister writes, “is their cultish/sectarian behaviour. As with other cults, young people who by manipulative methods fall pray to the delusion of the cult, may be affected. I am particularly grateful to cult consultants of the great churches who carefully follow these groups and try to contribute to the information about their intrigues.”

With this conclusion, the matter was settled for him.
Finally, the Minister emphasised what he thought was important:

“Any upgrading of this group with regard to its relation to extremism or even to terrorism does not seem to me to be appropriate.” [1]

  1. Political activity

In view of the fact that politicians publicly “urgently request” not to take groups such as the LaRouche movement seriously and ask cult consultants of the great churches to take care of these supposedly “extravagant and paranoid” groups, as if they were competent for “delusive, extravagant and paranoid” or, in any case, in “non-political” matters – it is all the more remarkable that many of these organisations are politically very active, and that they are also taken seriously and regarded as political actors by many politicians.

The LaRouche movement just mentioned, in their public appearance characterised by conspiracy theories and supposedly not to be taken seriously, is worldwide professionally organising political parties, associations, committees and election initiatives, maintains publishing houses and periodicals, has offices in the USA, in Mexico, India, Sweden, Norway, Italy, France and Germany.

Conferences with such groups implicating politicians are already surprising, but when they occur with scientists specialised in nuclear and defence techniques and with army generals as well, they are shocking.

In Germany, are especially active: the “European Labour Party”, the “Schiller Institute”, the “Patriots for Germany”, the “Anti-drug coalition”, the “Fusion Energy Forum” and the “Executive Intelligence Review Agency”.[2]

However, the German Federal Government, on the occasion of a parliamentary inquiry related to the death of the British student Jeremiah Duggan, born 10 November 1980, deceased 27 March 2003 in Wiesbaden (Hessen) in connection with an event of the LaRouche organisation, when asked:

“What information does the Federal Government dispose of with respect to the organisation

in question? concerning:


– the financial resources and business practices

– the security of relevant contacts in the circles of (nuclear) energy research and power supply companies.”




that it did not to have any information.”[3]

Consequently, critical information about the politically oriented LaRouche movement is only found on private websites. [4]

Blatant political activities of organisations called “cults” or “totalitarian sects” do not always go unnoticed by the public. For example, much information was available, also relayed by the authorities, on the political manipulation of the Moon movement in favour of US President Richard M. Nixon with full-page announcements and demonstrations into domestic politics at the height of the Watergate affair in 1974.


In 1978, the Fraser committee, a subcommittee of the US congress, investigated the political influence of the South Korean government on the politics of the United States. It issued a report which also listed the participation of the Moon movement in this activity.[5]

In this report, 80 pages refer to the efforts of the Moon movement with variable success, to gain influence on US-institution and on US foreign politics, partly in their own interest, partly to serve the South Korean government, and partly obviously directly commissioned by that government. There was also question on the lobbying to obtain the extension of a weapon production license for a Moon company and many other things.[6]

As a political activity, the infiltration of Scientology into the French government administration must also be mentioned. In 1991, the journalist Serge Faubert (Paris) published his sensational book “Une Secte au Coeur de la République” (A cult in the heart of the Republic). [7]

2. Political lobbying for one’s own advantage

It is clear to many people and it seems to be accepted by most that cults or sects lobby in their own advantage, even if they use rather unusual methods.


See the plans of Sun Myung Moon in 1971 for the USA:

“We also have to restore Senators. So Master will assign three young ladies to each Senator. The Senators are archangels, so restoration will have to be done through Eve. So we need three-hundred young ladies. To restore the Senators you must first make friends with their assistants, particularly secretaries. Do you understand that? They do not know what the future will be. So if you know the Divine Principle and can communicate it well, it will pave the way of how you have to proceed in the future. So we need many young ladies. After we restore the Senators, those ladies will be sent overseas. By doing this you can save America[8].”

In 1973, Moon explains:

“The Master also needs many good looking girls — 300. He will assign three girls to one senator — that means we need 300. Let them have a good relationship with them. One is for the election, one is to be the diplomat, one is for the party. If our girls are superior to senators in many ways, then they will just be taken over by our members.” [9]

In the meantime, Moon and his wife – today well established owners of the influential conservative newspaper “Washington Times” and the news agency UPI – were crowned with a golden crown, on 23 March 2004, in the Dirksen Senate Office Building – a building belonging to the US government on the Capitol – in the presence of at least 12 deputies [10] – the estimate of the Moon movement was about 81:


“none other than humanity’s Savior, Messiah, Returning Lord and True Parent.” [11]

Tom Cruise, readily played down by European media and politicians as overexcited and eccentric Hollywood star, in reality Scientology ambassador for Europe, in a letter to the State Department speaks seriously and openly about his lobbying work for Scientology:

“… I appreciate the precious assistance that the State Department has given members of my Church in protecting their rights, especially in Europe.

Lastly, I am scheduled to travel to Europe in January [2004] to promote my next film and am planning on again meeting with our Ambassadors in France, Germany and possibly Belgium to work with them on pressing these nationals for more dialogue and action to resolve these matters…”

… this situation is by no means a publicity activity for me. This is a matter that is both important and personal, and that is why I am looking to my government’s assistance…”[12]

In 2004, the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, received the US actor in the Red Town Hall. This visit was commercialised by Scientology in a PR video as a successful “visit in the country of intolerance”[13]. The office of the Senate of Berlin till today assume this encounter with the Scientology lobbyist and the embarrassing photos of the Cruise visit on its website.[14]

  1. Lobbying of politicians for cults

The diverse cult lobbying work falls on the fertile ground of many politicians, the cults therefore often enjoy the supports of politicians and political administrations, even though the same politicians like to officially “keep their distance from the insane activity” of the organisations.

Examples of political support

Jim Jones, the leader of the People’s Temple, was one of the most respected clergymen in the United States. He was nominated for the commission of human rights and house-building of San Francisco. US vice president Walter Mondale and First Lady Rosalynn Carter met him. The governor of California invited him to dinner; similar contacts are reported with respect to the then governors Ronald Reagan and his successor Jerry Brown, but also with respect to Angela Davis, then president of the Communist party of the USA, and to Jane Fonda.[15]

The meetings of Moon with President Michael Gorbatchov since 1990 are well known. The then president of the Soviet Union received Moon personally in 1990 during the 11th World Media Conference in Moscow. More meetings followed. Official authorities of the Soviet Union and the president’s administration supported recruiting and exchange activities of the Moon movement at schools and universities.[16]

The former US president George Bush senior acted as a – well paid – speaker for the Moon movement. At this opportunity he also listened in 1996 to the speech of the founder at the inauguration of “Tiempos del Mundo”, Moon’s new newspaper forLatin America, about the value of genitals.[17] The speech is not secret; it was thereupon published in a two-page advertisement in the Washington Times. Unfortunately, the speech delivered by the former president George Bush on the same occasion is not handed down in the same way.

In the Internet there is an overview about some very influential politicians in the USA who have been engaged for Scientology. For some of them, a dependency can be proven because of election campaign donations by Scientologists.[18]

Similarly, the list of names of US politicians attending OSCE conferences [19] and acting as lobbyist for cults, could be mistaken for an excerpt of the Internet list, especially for Scientology. The annual report of the French Inter-ministerial Commission includes a voluminous and instructive chapter on the subject.[20]

In the same publication you will also find an overview and assessment of the most important political lobbying organisations: Human Rights Without Frontiers (HRWF); International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights (IHF) and The Institute on Religion and Public Policy (IRPP).

The German local politician Stefan Edathy, then deputy speaker for internal politics of the Social Democrat fraction of the Bundestag, in 2004 accepted an invitation from the US embassy in Berlin to a meeting with the Scientology propagandist Tom Cruise (see also footnote 12).

He said the reason for the invitation was the première of a Cruise movie. The MP’s website relates that he has met he action actor Tom Cruise “to discuss with him questions of German internal politics … especially the subjects of citizens’ rights and the fight against extremism… The subject Scientology we did not discuss seriously.”

In 2007, Edathy became chairman of the domestic committee of the Bundestag. Then he spoke positively about the “Stauffenberg” movie project, but sceptically about a possible ban of Scientology, then considered by the conference of the ministers of interior.

  1. Cults and totalitarian sects as lobbyists for politicians

Is it possible to say that this support, payments apart, is carried out with mutual benefit; consequently is there also a benefit for the politicians or their administrations?

Here we are by no means in the area of conspiracy theories and speculation.

The political support for politicians by Jim Jones, the leader of the mass suicide of Jonestown, Guyana in 1978, where more than 900 people died, was well known.

In 1976, he took care for the auditory of Rosalynn Carter’s election campaign; whose husband Jimmy Carter became US president. Jim Jones was allowed to participate at the swearing-in. Rosalynn Carter sent him a thanksgiving letter from the White House. [21]

The influence of the South Korean government on the US domestic and foreign politics through the Moon movement, already mentioned above with the catchword “Koreagate”, was subject to an investigation by a committee of the US Congress. [22]

To the lobbying activity of organisations on behalf of politicians should also be mentioned the financial and personal efforts of the Moon movement for the French right extremist LePen[23], which not only consisted in money in the range of millions, but also by 200 foreign Moon adherents to help in elections campaigns. Pierre Ceyrac, MEP for LePen’s “National Front” , was also the boss of the French branch of CAUSA, a politically oriented Moon organisation.[24]

Similar efforts by the Moon movement existed in Germany for the extreme right “Republicans” of Franz Schönhuber. CAUSA member of the board Dr. Ursula Saniewski assisted Schönhuber as a “personal assistant”. With the president of the Unification Church Karl Leonhardtsberger and the vice president of CAUSA she had previously planned to create another right oriented “citizens’ movement”. [25].

The US democrats benefited from election campaign support by the Scientologists. Hilary Clinton alone received more than 70.000 US$ from Scientologist actors for her election campaign to the Senate in the year 2000.[26]

The Moon movement too offered something to the newly created senator Hillary Clinton. She was allowed to write a weekly column in the Washington Times, which belonged to Moon at that time. [27]

We also should remember the efforts of CAUSA for the “Contras” in Nicaragua. As the Congress did not permit the Reagan-Administration to support the “Contras”, this gap was filled by activities of the Moon movement which meant that during the Reagan administration Moon benefited of a gain of importance and influence.

Ford Greene reports that CAUSA had given thousands of dollars and tons of food, medicines and clothes to guerrilla troops. In 1985, the Washington Times created a private fund for the Contras and announced that Bo Hi Pak, the official publisher, contributed 100.000 US$ as a part of the effort of the Times to collect 14 millions. The publisher, asked how the newspaper could afford this as it did not make any gain, explained that the owner corporation (the Moon organisation) was ready to offer exceptional help in cases of important issues of morality.[28]

  1. Political institutions as supporters for cults

Less easy to explain than the influence of individual politicians is the official support of governments and authorities for cults and sects.

Even the Soviet Foreign Department once took care of such a cult – the People’s Temple in Guyana. As the government of Guyana looked more and more critically on their activities, Jim Jones contacted the Soviet embassy, which in fact sent a diplomat to Jonestown who declared:

“In the name of the Soviet embassy I bring my deeply felt greetings to this first socialist and communist community of the USA in Guyana and in the world.” [29]

Other officials have also been engaged:

In November 1996, Bill Clinton, President of the United States of America, contributed to an “exclusive” article especially for the Scientology magazine, “Freedom.” Clinton afterwards let the article appear “exclusively” for ‘Freiheit,’ the Swiss Scientology magazine, in “Ethique et Liberté” and finally in the German edition of the Scientology propaganda magazine under the title of “What we can do about the drug problem” (in the “Zeit zu entscheiden ” / [“Time to decide”] edition, pp. 48).

His wife Hilary Clinton, today foreign minister of USA, at the time she was first Lady, greeted the members of the Scientology front group Hands of Hope in the White House, and received a quilt with a quote of L. Ron Hubbard. [30] In the media, this event later was appropriately called Clearwatergate.

In 1997, Clinton’s National Security Adviser, Sandy Berger, met with actor John Travolta and other Scientologists to discuss the German government’s attitude towards Scientology.

According to “George” magazine 3/1998, President Clinton met personally with Scientologist John Travolta. Clinton praised the “educational” materials of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard: “Your program sounds great”, and “I’d really love to help you with your issue over in Germany with Scientology,” he was reported to have said in the “George” report…[31]

As an official reason it was said that Clinton had a sympatric Scientologist as a roommate when he was a student.

Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service reported on March 21, 1997 that President Clinton honoured Scientologist Tom Cruise’s requests by directing his newly confirmed Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, to schedule discussions with German Foreign Minister Kinkel about Scientology’s claims of religious persecution in Germany.

In a Dec. 22 1999 letter of “warm greetings,” Clinton expressed gratitude to the Scientologists for “all your efforts to promote [religious freedom] and to build just communities united in understanding, compassion and mutual respect.”

Weightier – because with more than words – was the interference of the US administration for Scientology outside the US territory:

End 1998, the US Department of State sponsored a concert of the jazz pianist Chick Corea in Berlin, because he allegedly was not allowed to perform in Germany because of “religious discrimination”; [32] and thus it also was presented in the Scientology magazine Freedom. [33] The real reasons result from the judgement of a German administrative tribunal of October 1996. [34]

Up to what point the administrative support of cults by governments can reach, is not only shown by the advice of the speaker of the US Department of State recommending that the Germans should watch the movie “Mission impossible”, [35] but also by an intervention of the US consulate-general in Hamburg in favour of the Scientology organisation there, about the reconstruction approval by the municipal district surveyor’s office for the installation of the new Scientology centre in Hamburg, which concerned among other things the number of toilets and showers. [36]

In Greece, the US secret service CIA intervened at the beginning of the nineties in favour of Scientology. Thus the Scientology secret service announced: “”The good news are [sic] that with the intervention of CIA the Greek Intell Dept regarding NRMS (new religious movements) is closed down and the employees fired!!” [37] More information about the situation in Greece at the time is found today on the Internet. [38] The lobbying activity of the IRS for Scientology was also remarkable. After they had granted full tax exemption to Scientology, they sent a letter to European politicians informing them about the tax exemption, and an advertising pamphlet “Description of the Scientology Religion”, in August 1994. Also the then Federal Minister for women and youth, Mrs. Angela Merkel, received such a letter. [39]

The battle of the Scientology organisation for the acknowledgement of non-profit-making character in the USA had further consequences for Germany and Europe. [40]

As the French journalist Bruno Foucherau pointed out [41], in the USA a whole series of governmental commissions are busy to force the US concept of “religious freedom” and the lobbying activity for US organisations in the world.

After the US Congress had passed a new law about religious freedom in the world, the “Bureau for Democracy, Human Rights and Labour” (BDHRL), attached to the US Department of State, installed a new commission, the “Office of International Religious Freedom”. [42]

“With a plenipotentiary ambassador on the top and five officers of the Department of State attached, the new commission has a representative in all US embassies. As the first Head of this authority, Robert A. Seiple was nominated, an ex-mariner, whose pet saying is: “The rights of individual freedom are generally valid because they are a gift of God.”

On 1 June 1999, in Spain the case against 18 leaders of Scientology, among others the American CSI-president Heber Jentzsch, was to start. In 1988, he and 68 other Scientologists had been temporarily jailed in Spain; Scientolgy had to pay one million dollars bail. The prosecutor demanded 30 years jail for Jentzsch.[43]

A leaked telex proved that the US Department of State cooperated with Scientology to protect Jentzsch and other Scientologists against a criminal trial in Spain.[44] According to the documents, one of the recipients was also Special Ambassador Robert A. Seiple, “Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom” [45]


“They speak about God and they mean cotton”

The question which comes to mind is what motivates this support of practical politics for sects and cults. It is obvious that this support benefits the organisations. Concerning the consequences of these activities for the reputation of the USA there is a critical discussion in the USA itself.[46]

Is the USA using such pretexts with an anti-European political slant because of the organisation or for them, or do the USA only use such organisations and cults as a pretext and means for interventions?

In Foucherau’s article (see footnote 41), a private institution is mentioned which is closely connected to the US administration, the “Institute on Religion and Democracy”(IRD). IRD president Diane L. Knippers confesses the reason for the efforts for world wide enforcement of US politics with respect to religion: “Spirituality is a guarantor of civilisation, because spirituality and faith create honest people. “Without honesty no commerce, and without commerce no civilisation.”

This means spirituality as a means for globalisation of markets. I instinctively remember the novel “Der Stechlin” of the Berlin writer of French origin, Theodor Fontane. There is a dialogue:

“A cardinal who though he was a gourmet is reported to have said: “Terrible people; hundreds of cults and only one sauce.” … “They have very much gone to rack and ruin, because the cult of the golden calf is steadily increasing; all jobbing and the distinguished world on the top. And so hypocritical; they say ‘Christ’ and they mean cotton”[47]


  1. Considerations of a political layman about cults and totalitarian sects as a political and social problem
  • Many politicians in Europe are ready to see the harmful effects of cults on concerned individuals (danger for youth, danger for health etc.)
  • However, politicians are not generally critical of cults, they are ready not only to tolerate them in various ways, but also to support them. They are not aware of other social and cultural problems, and especially political implications.
  • And this, though the organisations explicitly act politically (Moon, Scientology, LaRouche) and though LaRouche and Scientology even have their own intelligence services, Moon is important, he own newspapers and UPI a worldwide active news agency,

The aggressive lobbying activity of cult organisations and their supporters is directed against the European concept of human rights and human dignity and the related achievement of the institutional separation of politics and religion, respectively politics and ideology, in our countries.

This separation means: religion should not interfere in political functions, and the State should not try to be the mediator of salvation. According to European opinion and experience, the State is not called and not apt to redeem people, not even by the spirituality of the global markets.

The cult organisations and their supporters want to do away with this separation of politics and religion, of politics and ideology. Partly they are controlled themselves by ideology, partly they are cynical, because they need idealistic people to enforce their political goals.

Their suitability for open or covert political activity makes the cults interesting for their use in political operations.

  1. Cults and sects are not taken seriously, they are smiled at; criticism of the organisation may be disqualified as exaggerated, hysterical or “misleading”, and even as believing in conspiracy.
  2. Because of this, the direct target-seeking will be concealed
  3. Concealed operations enable infiltration of citizens’ groups and even public institutions.
  4. The organisations also manage interesting scientific networks for scientists.
  5. Worldwide detailed data collections related to persons enable activity as “private” intelligence services.
  6. Special visa regulations for religious functionaries simplify worldwide operation.
  7. International networking makes financial transactions difficult to clarify.

  1. What to do?

Cults are a political problem.

They must be taken serious by the politically responsible persons and by the civil society because of their political effectiveness. Public authorities, when asked, argue that they cannot do anything against cults because of their duty to neutrality.

Their duty to neutrality should at least force them not to do anything for the cults.

There are several well documented cases of cooperation of cults with politicians and political institutions – no matter if in good faith respectively naïve, or based on intentional, partly covered, mutual support.

Therefore, a general political mistrust against cults is absolutely right. The organisations and their ideas and ideologies must be discussed publicly.

Concerned people must be heard and supported.

It is not only the abuse of young people which matters; it must also be questioned why and how they have been abused. Not only authorities for the protection of children and young persons, but also security authorities must deal with these organisations.[48]

I ask FECRIS to intervene at the level of the European institutions for:


  • A Europe-wide ban of the Security Check of Scientology; [49]
  • A Europe-wide ban on the transfer of Knowledge Reports to the “Religious Technology Center” of Scientology in the USA and the blocking of the relevant Internet-Sites; [50]
  • A Europe-wide ban of the Introspection Rundown of Scientology, a type of isolation torture. [51]
  1. Because the lobbying of cults of politicians, of authorities, of scientists and even sometimes of churches may be successful, it is important that FECRIS and its associations participate in the political opinion forming of our societies.

III. Furthermore, I ask FECRIS, its associations and the concerned people to support with their civic engagement in great critical solidarity those politicians, institutions including churches, authorities, journalists, public prosecutors and judges who, with respect to cults, have the courage to oppose the trend of indifference, of playing down and of collaboration.


Pastor Thomas Gandow

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[1] The comment of minister Horst Winterstein was published on 20 March 1986 in the „Sozialdemokratischer Pressedienst“ (Social Democrat News Service) and is here quoted according to : Helmut Lorscheid and Leo A. Müller: Deckname Schiller (Code name Schiller), page 187 )

[2] More :

[3] Original inquiry and answer:

„ 2. Welche Informationen liegen der Bundesregierung hinsichtlich der vorstehend erwähnten Organisationen jeweils vor, vor allem bezüglich des „Schiller- Instituts“ und der „Bürgerrechtsbewegung Solidarität“ (BüSo),

  1. a) wonach diese vor allem junge Menschen psychisch zu unterwerfen und abhängig zu machen trachten,
  2. b) wonach deren Mitarbeiter dort tätige junge Menschen gezielt angehalten haben sollen, Kontakte zu Eltern und Verwandten abzubrechen,
  3. c) wie diese neue Mitglieder rekrutieren und schulen,
  4. d) über deren Finanzquellen und -gebaren,
  5. e) über deren sicherheitsrelevante Kontakte in Kreise der (Nuklear-)Energieforschung und -Versorgungsunternehmen.

Der Bundesregierung liegen hierzu keine Erkenntnisse vor.“

Source and complete text: Deutscher Bundestag Drucksache 16/5548 16. Wahlperiode 06. 06. 2007




[6] mentions the following points:

  • “The UC and numerous other religious and secular organizations headed by Sun Myung Moon constitute essentially one international organization.”
  • “The Moon Organization attempts to achieve goals outlined by Sun Myung Moon, who has substantial control over the economic, political, and spiritual activities undertaken by the organization in pursuit of those goals.”
  • “Among the goals of the Moon Organization is the establishment of a worldwide government in which the separation of church and state would be abolished and which would be governed by Moon and his followers.”
  • “In pursuit of this and other goals, the Moon Organization has attempted, with varying degrees of success, to gain control over or establish business and other secular institutions in the United States and elsewhere, and has engaged in political activities in the United States. Some of these activities were undertaken to benefit the ROK Government or otherwise to influence U.S. foreign policy.”
  • “While pursuing its own goals, the Moon Organization promoted the interests of the ROK Government, and at times did so in cooperation with, or at the direction of, ROK agencies and officials.”
  • “The Moon Organization established the KCFF ostensibly as a non profit foundation to promote Korean-American relations, but used the KCFF to promote its own political and economic interests and those of the ROK Government.”
  • “The Moon Organization extensively used the names of Senators, Congressmen, U.S. Presidents, and other prominent Americans to raise funds and to create political influence for itself and the ROK Government.”
  • “A Moon Organization business is an important defence contractor in Korea. It is involved in the production of M-16 rifles, antiaircraft guns, and other weapons.”
  • “Moon Organization agents attempted to obtain permission from an American corporation to export M-16’s manufactured in Korea. The M-16’s are manufactured under a co-production 388 agreement approved by the U.S. Government, which puts M-16 production under the exclusive control of the Korean Government. Despite this, Moon Organization representative appeared- apparently on behalf of the Korean Government — to negotiate an extension of the agreement.”
  • “The Moon Organization attempted to obtain a controlling interest in the Diplomat National Bank by disguising the source of funds used to purchase stock in the names of UC members.”
  • “The Moon Organization used church and other tax-exempt components in support of its political and economic activities.”
  • “Although many of the goals and activities of the Moon Organization were legitimate and lawful, there was evidence that it had systematically violated U.S. tax, immigration, banking, currency, and Foreign Agents Registration Act laws, as well as State and local laws relating to charity fraud, and that these violations were related to the organization’s overall goals of gaining temporal power.”

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President … and all of you distinguished guests are famous but there is something that you do not know. You do not know what makes man man, and woman woman. The answer is: the sexual organs…..Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, do you have love? Do you have life? Do you have sperm and eggs? Do you have a conscience?…When you defecate, do you wear a gas mask? This is not a laughing matter but a serious one. If you are near someone else defecating, you will quickly move a good distance away. But when you smell your own feces, you do not even notice it. This is because that fecal matter is one with your body. Therefore, you do not feel that it is dirty. … When you were young, did you ever taste the dried mucus from your nose? Does it taste sweet or salty? It’s salty, right? Since you can answer, you must have tasted it! Why did you not feel that it was dirty? It is because it was part of your body. Reverend Moon has figured out something that no one in the world knew…..When you cough up phlegm, you sometimes swallow it, right? What about you who are here today? Have you ever had that experience? Be honest. Why do you not feel it is dirty? Because the phlegm was one with your body…

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[35] “I understand that there are some groups calling for a boycott of ‘Mission: Impossible’ starring Tom Cruise, because Tom Cruise apparently is affiliated with this religion,’ State Department spokesman Nicholas Burns said. ‘And my only advice would be to German citizens, you ought to watch the film, it’s a very good film,’ Burns said.
Burns said the State Department had expressed ‘our unhappiness over the treatment of Scientologists in Germany’ in its last three annual human rights reports and more recently in a letter to members of Congress.”


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[48] Except if they have entered cooperation intentionally. In this connection one also argue that super individual, for example national interests (“national security”) would require cooperation with cults and this could result in the necessity to neglect individual fates of for example young people. I consider this to be cynic. Which national or European interests could justify cooperation with antihuman foreign lobbying groups as Scientology or the Larouche movement ?

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