Maria-Pia Gardini



Narconon, an open door into Scientology


I am going to speak about Scientology which is absolutely not a church, as it wants to make people believe, but a cult which imprisons its followers and which has a single goal: it own wealth.


Scientology has several branches:

  • Criminon, which works in the prisons
  • Wise, which covers the industrial sector
  • Narconon.


Before telling you my experience of Narconon, I would like to tell say two words on the real origins of Scientology. The Guru, L Ron Hubbard, founder of this cult, this so to speak religion, was, at the very start a Satanist, follower of Alaister Crowley and Satanism. In his writings, he calls Crowley “My big friend, the beast 666”.


Why the new recruits are never told about this true origin of Scientology? The reason it is that many people would not stay on and that would cause them great financial loss.


I shall now tell you of my Narconon experience: this programme was invented to cure people of drugs. I know this organisation very well because my daughter entered this programme at nineteen. Unfortunately it was I who took her along there, thinking that she would be cured there. But, at the time, I did not know that it was a Scientology programme or what Scientology was. After eight days at Narconon, she called me to say that the staff brought more drugs into the Centre than one could find on the street. When she entered Narconon, she was a drug addict, but she was “healthy”. When she left there, she had AIDS. Narconon is a wide open door into Scientology.


When a young or less young person comes off drugs, the staff of the organisation contacts the families. Of course, only those who have means of paying. They are told that although they are cured, if they leave Scientology they will again become addicted. They are cured, perhaps, but one drug has been substituted by another.


Of course the Narconon programme is only for rich families. There is no question of a voluntary assistance, the price is approximately 2000 € per month, and that only covers the saunas and the study of the Hubbard’s .books.  Several families completely ruined themselves reaching a point where they had to sell all their belongings so that their children could continue in “the church”.


I was 9 years in America as a member of the staff of the main organisation, the Sea Org in Flag, Florida. I can testify that it is a “Nazi” type of organisation; one is not free to think what one wants. The mental conditioning is total, one is told what to think and say. A small digression, the members of the staff of Sea Org are not allowed to have children. If they marry and that the woman falls pregnant she will have to suffer an abortion. There is a specialized private clinic in the United States run by doctors who are also Scientologists.


I walked a long road in Scientology. I reached the OT8 grade (highest level) having achieved auditor status of class 9. Since 1994, after my daughter died of AIDS, I freed myself from this cult and I now fight them.  I’ve received threats by I don’t care, I’m not afraid.


Governments will one day have to start acting against this cancer which poisons young and less young, takes away their means of subsistence and leaving them poor and desperate. When the money is exhausted people are thrown like old Kleenex. Great friends disappear and doors are closed. But be careful of this very powerful and rich cult which can afford the best lawyers. In Italy the lawyer of Scientology belongs to the government [1].  He wrote an article in the newspapers declaring that he was a very big friend of Scientology: “I am their lawyer, they are good people”! Italian associations, inter alia, ARIS, FA.VI.S, are struggling to obtain a law like the French law About-Picard.


What can I tell you concerning those much discussed OT higher levels? Only that they are just an incredible trick of science fiction. The great personal improvement and particular skills which one is supposed to reach are just a terrible farce. When I complained that I was not reaching the level of perfection which had been promised me, the answer was always “you will see when you get to the next level”! And it is thus that my entire heritage was drained into the pockets of this organisation masquerading as the “church” of scientology.


[1] Note:  The Italian government changed since April 2006.