Life after the cult, help for victims and resocialisation

Friday, 10 June 2022

“ERASMUS” hall of the Belgian Parliament,
entry 48 rue de Louvain, 1000 Brussels

Organised by the

European Federation of Centres of Research and Information on

Cults and Sects (FECRIS)




Welcome by Mr. André Frédéric, President of AVISO and new President of FECRIS.

Welcome by Ms. Eliane Tillieux, President of the Chamber of Representatives.

Mr. Dany Lesciauskas (Belgium), Police Commissioner (in early retirement), former “Sects” referent of the Federal Judicial Police, holder of the degree: “Cultic influence” (Faculty of Medicine Paris-Descartes), member of the Board of CIAOSN, member of the “Social and Human Sciences” sub-commission of UNESCO (Belgium), member of AVISO.
What evolution of victim support in the face of “Cults 2. 0”? ” – Presentation

Ms. Sonya Jougla (France), clinical psychologist, co-founder of the university diploma on undue influence at the Paris-Descartes Faculty of Medicine.
From follower to citizen“.

Testimony of a former follower.

Mr. Carlos Bardavio (Spain, Madrid), lawyer, professor of criminal law at the International University of La Rioja and at the Royal University Centre María Cristina (El Escorial).
Thesis “Sects in criminal law”, author of a book and lecturer on this subject
The deficit of socialisation as a cause of victimisation and objective imputation: at the same time a question of re-socialisation“.

Ms. Isabelle Chmetz & Mr. Diego Licchelli (Switzerland), respectively co-founder of the Counselling for victims of cult undue influence and co-therapist (Geneva Association for Ethnopsychiatry).
Passing from one world to another” – Presentation

Ms. Florence Pinloche (France), clinical psychologist, head of the CCMM national platform for counselling and psychological assistance to victims.
Are there happy leavers? ”

Ms. Romy Sauvayre (France), lecturer in sociology and associate professor at the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Auvergne, member of the Laboratory of Social and Cognitive Psychology (Clermont-Ferrand); she has published “Believing in the incredible”.
Presentation: “The disengagement process“.

Closure of the Conference by Mr. André Frédéric, President of FECRIS.