Methods psychomanipulation sects and ways out of them – conference in Warsaw

sekta-236x148The methods of psychological manipulation sects for their members and how to exit from the sect was said during the international conference on 7 May in Warsaw. In addition to the speeches of speakers who study cults, you could hear the testimonies of people who have managed to leave them.
The impact psychomanipulacyjnym as a form of abuse in cults told the Father. Assoc. Dariusz Step from the University of Opole. The speaker admitted that the issue of the impact of psychomanipulacyjnego is undoubtedly one of the biggest problems experienced by people who have been abused by cultic groups. “People can join cultic groups for various reasons. In some cases, their decision is based on free choice, but in others it may be the result of manipulative influence of the group, applying psychological persuasion “. The scientist said that in the context of analyzing psycho-cultic groups, many authors points out that the processes of psychological manipulation are at the center of sects and lead to abuse and mental harm, so awareness of these processes and the ability to defend against manipulative techniques plays a very important role in the modern world .

Ks. Assoc. Dariusz step in his report presented psychomanipulacyjnego impact as a form of abuse in cults on the basis of theory and empirical research. As said, the three main categories of persuasion used by the sects have been identified and described, and they are identity cards, logical and emotional. The clergyman noted that in terms of social impact, people trust the most to those who deem competent and reliable. “For this reason the leaders of sects may use the authority and confidence to win the credibility of its members for adoption by them certain values ​​and behaviors. Leaders of sects often adapt their messages to recipients in order to get the best response. Emotional impact are considered effective in convincing, as it plays a vital role in changing attitudes “.

Ks. Step admitted that the purpose of manipulation, sect spread the messages that cause fear and concern eg. Predictions about the end of the world with a simultaneous declaration that the only way to save lives is to completely surrender to science group. Another example is the emotional impact basing on the mechanism of scarcity. The sect may argue that there are a limited number of people who gain access to paradise and that this applies only to those who accept truth promoted by the leader.

The clergyman presented the results of research on manipulative strategies (existential, cultural, religious, protective), which are characteristic of cultic groups in the presence or absence of prior notice. The results showed that the most adverse effect was found with the protection strategy and the least negative – the existential strategy. Prior notification, used in the form disclose the identity of the group, led to more negative cognitive processes and unwilling to messages and speakers. According to the researcher from the University of Opole findings may be useful in helping the victims of sects. They must strive to understand more psychological techniques that enable leaders and members of sects activities threatening the autonomy and identity. Practitioners to help victims of sects can create practical strategies that allow them to more effectively assist people affected by the manipulation of the sects.

A personal experience, which was the contact with the sect, the French opted marriage Isabelle and Dominique Lorenzato. For 22 years they were members of the sect, whose leader was Robert Le Dinh, recently convicted by a French court to 15 years in prison. You Lorenzato admitted that initially attracted them Christian doctrine preached by guru charitable activities carried out in the community and family atmosphere. In a short time gurus began to talk about the apparitions, which was experiencing, which placed him high in the hierarchy of divine and providing more power saving souls. Science Robert Le Dinh focused on his revelations, recognizing his authority and power, which is proof of total commitment of faith, acceptance of suffering, border crossings, carrying out spiritual mission aimed at fighting evil in the world and groom with wine, discarding material goods, death individuality and responsibility reincarnation of the soul, almost return (if adepts betrayal of the commandments guru, will fall on them and their loved ones misfortunes including death).

Former cult members stressed that the guru preached his teachings during the long, mandatory meetings, daily and ongoing until late at night. These assemblies and the prohibition rest during the day resulted in a continuous sleep deficit and consequently members of the sect falls ill. In addition to the practices which had to be physically exhausted practice of fasting are legally hours of the night prayer, or carry out daily chores. You Lorenzato admitted that adepts lived in fear. They were afraid of everything: life, death, mating and breaking relationships. Guru decide on births, names, profession (for “external image”), cars, houses. For all you had to get his permission, even to visit family, in the event that was against the sect. Because the outside world was bad, you could not have friends there. Only the guru and his commandments were good. The adepts could not decide anything.

Meeting was an opportunity to raw stigmatization of people who betrayed to the teachings of the guru and his will, through long public meetings in which it took place “verbal stoning ‘; adept forced to acknowledge his mistake. Guru introduced in their group to each other adepts watched and reported on each other. Some tasks spiritual and revelations were intended for selected units and had to be kept strictly secret. Guru has not worked, was entirely dependent members of the sect. It required equipment, luxury clothes, gadgets, which were to serve him to make money. Since the adepts were forced to work grueling destruction of units through daily physical weakness and mental facilitate imprisonment in this illusory world. Required was a total submission to the guru, until acceptance of sexual contacts aimed at cleansing the members of the sect of wines. Disobedience would lead to the death of the soul, madness and bring disaster on children and family.

You Lorenzato admitted that the thought of getting rid of the sect emerged when the guru of a sect divided into 2 parts, so they did not have daily contact with their leader. Then slowly they started to reach out to their awareness that they can live and function without it. The process of release of sects and bringing to justice their leaders were not easy, as not only told her they were members, but also the state attorney Lorenzato attorney. Daniel Picotin.

The lawyer recalled that on September 18, 2010, Robert Le Dinh was sentenced by the Court Sworn in Ariege in France for rape, sexual assaults on minors under 15 years of age and use weakness. This process took place for the half-year investigation, was attended by 5 accusers private and UNADFI organization (the National Union of Associations of Families Acting Defence and Victims by the sect). Lorenzato state attorney admitted that the actions of Robert Le Dinh are a real mine of information on how to apply guru to lure their victims. At the beginning of an interesting conversation among the well-wishers of people, as in a large family. Guru, considered a charismatic, he was a great orator, whose words moved to the depths of the members of the group.

Daniel Picotin said that the essence of this process was to determine whether the jury could consider the state of mental enslavement for preventing guru refusing to meet the requirements of both a financial and sexual abuse. “My clients remained in the mental addiction for 22 years and 7 months, so it was not easy to explain to the court what was the subordination of that state in which they lived so long. Accordingly, in the absence of evidence of use of psychological violence and because of that mental enslavement has not been established, it was considered that there was consent and Robert Le Dinh could be acquitted “- explained the attorney. Picotin. Defence guru was based on the contention that the minor lied, and the private prosecutors were manipulated by spouses Lorenzato who conspired to get revenge. However, the process lasting seven days pending before the Court Interpreters, has enabled many victims that did not exist as private prosecutors, submit a documented and detailed testimony in this case.

To appear in court excluded the victims of a conspiracy. Court expert – a psychiatrist – revealed the nature of perversion and depravity guru, and above all showed that apprentices were in a state of mental coercion and addiction. Finally, Robert Le Dinh was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment; the jury found to be too low sentence proposed by the prosecution, which demanded from 10-12 years of imprisonment. The leader of the sect, who was responsible before a court of free alloys, received an immediate arrest warrant and was taken to prison, but appealed and the matter will soon be reconsidered by the Court Sworn in Haute Garonne.

The use of ostracism as a significant tool for many religious groups Avet told Achille, a former Jehovah’s Witness. The Italian writer and journalist admitted that the strict application of the principles of ostracism is typical in many groups much pressure. It requires at it from members to avoid and ignore those who have left the group or were expelled from it. In the case of certain religious movements, when one of the members officially decides to leave the group, it is excommunicated and is therefore excluded from the networks that have arisen during its membership in the group. Breaking relationship also applies to family and friends who think eksczłonka as an outcast, a man dead. This directive has a devastating impact on family relationships and leaves the victims in a disturbed emotional state, spiritual and sometimes physical – admitted the speaker of Italy. Achille Avet said that about how to apply ostracism, regularly instructs Jehovah’s Witnesses Watchtower movement. “Members are asked to meticulous ostracism former members, even if it refers to the loved ones of the family circle; who does not comply with these rules, risking expulsion at the same time and the same ostracism “.

Carefully examining the report of the Watchtower Society of the decade 2000-2010, it turns out that 1,335,139 people left the movement or not working in it (in Italy over the same period, the figure was 37128). Signs of discontent are becoming more visible, even publicly, as happened in Fortaleza (Brazil), Boston (USA) and Rome (Italy). Thanks conscious activities such as public events, leaflets and billboards national governments were sensitized on the cruel practice of ostracism, the causes of family breakdown. Although Jehovah’s Witnesses try to convince the public that all separated (ie. Expelled) would be in line with the dictates of the Bible sinners, the truth is that many of those expelled simply disagreed with some of the teachings of the Organization. With this in mind, Raymond V. Franz, the late member of the Governing Body of the world Watchtower Society, wrote: “I know many people who have clearly expressed this concern [of truth], but they are marked as’ apostates’, ‘antichrists’,’ tools of Satan ‘. In any case, the only reason for condemnation is the fact that they were unable to agree with all the teachings and strategies of the organization, and at the same time keep sincerity “.

About how after leaving the sect told to return to the reality of Christian Szurko, the national coordinator. Charity: Dialogue Centre in the UK. Szurko admitted that over a 30-year period of its activity, which is to offer assistance to members and former members of extremist and authoritarian sects, learned to recognize a pattern recuperative return journey, through which the majority of people leaving the sect and trying to rebuild their lives and past relationships . Each one of them makes it a little differently: it is a “pattern” that is not solid. Man must assimilate it according to their own needs and decisions. The speaker admitted that recognizing this pattern more precisely, conscious of how you can allow clients to apply it to their specific situation and learn how to use it to help people to regain their lost control of your life.

Christian Szurko admitted that due to the fact that the minds of the members of invasive sects are filled to the brim with the expectations of their leaders, personal thoughts and feelings of students are suppressed and repressed. The speaker confirmed that for this reason, describes this aspect of the process ozdrowieńczego using a metaphor he describes as “voluntary re-evaluation”. Its aim is to help people “create space” on their own thoughts and feelings.

Representatives of the European Federation of Centres for. Research and Information on Sects, meet every year in a different European city.

The Warsaw conference was held under the theme “System of abuse in cults: testimonies and evidence”. The meeting was organized by the European Federation of Centers for. Research and Information on Sects (FECRIS), Movement for the Defence family and Units (Rorije) and the College of Education and Administration at them. I lived in Poznan. The conference was attended by approx. 150 people including representatives of European countries, the United States and Canada.

European Federation of Centres for. Research and Information on Sects was founded in France in 1994. The Federation brings together national organizations to counteract the activity of sects. Polish representative in FECRIS is the Movement for the Defence Family and the Individual.