Minor’s prevention

The presentations of the lectures are included in this work in their original language.

An English summary of notes taken during some of the conferences is found here

FECRIS has obtained the agreement of the various speakers before diffusing the text of their intervention.


FECRIS held its conference “Sects and Children – Prevention” on May 12 and 13, 2002 in Barcelona, under the aegis and in the offices of the General Secretariat of Youth of the Catalan Government.

The excellent organisation of this meeting was assured by the Catalan FECRIS member association, A.I.S.

On this occasion, 43 associations representing 28 countries of the FECRIS network, had the opportunity of taking part in debates animated by 17 international specialists.

The debates mainly centred on the effects of undue influence by cults on the physical and mental health of children and teenagers, social rehabilitation, methods and teaching aids of prevention and protection of children in the field of civil and penal law.

These two days were launched by a welcome reception at the Catalonian Parliament by its President, Mr Joan Rigol i Roig, and ended in a press conference in the presence of Mrs Rosa Maria Pujol i Galobart, Secretary General of the General Secretariat of Youth of the Department of the Presidency of Catalonia.

FECRIS thanks them once again for this excellent reception and their precious assistance.