Montenegro / March 2016


The Centre for Security, Sociological and Criminological Research of Montenegro «Defendology», the FECRIS correspondent based in the city of Nikšić, informed us of the following:

Members of the neo-religious community “Supreme Truth Doomsday” (Alef) – Aum Shinrikyo, visited Montenegro on March 16, 2016.
Through the successful action of the Montenegrin police they have been identified as a potentially extremist religious group, which presents a good basis for further monitoring of such a group in Montenegro. The focus of the police interest were 205 electronic devices, computers, phones, and USB sticks that were found on the spot.

According to the Defendology Center, there is no evidence of any excessive cultic centers in Montenegro. However the country suffers from the transitional impact of the major cultic organisations which are coming from abroad.

Let us recall that the members of this religious group, put the poisonous gas “sarin” in the Tokyo subway, on March 20, 1995 and later in another city. The total number of victims was 29 dead and 6,300 injured. In the Tokyo Court in 2011, 189 people were indicted, and sentenced 13 to death, including the leader of the sect Shoko Asahara.

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