Press Release – Ruling on Scientology case in Brussels – 11 March 2016

FECRIS, The European Federation of Centres of Research and Information on Cults and
Sects, has been shocked by the ruling of the Brussels Criminal Court, on 11 March 2016.
The presiding judge dismissed the charges brought against The Belgian Church of
Scientology as “inadmissible”. The prosecutor’s case was also judged and found to be
“insufficiently conclusive”.
In consideration of the fact that evidence proving the judgement was not provided, it was
possible only to rule against the admissibility of the Federal prosecutor’s presentation. It was
also considered that the case had not provided suitable methods for a possible judgement.
There was no ruling on whether or not The Belgian Church of Scientology is, or is not, a
criminal organisation.
It is important to note that The Church of Scientology in France has been tried in court for the
same offences of fraud, illegal practice of medicine, violation of privacy and extortion.
FECRIS, as part of an organisation defending victims of cults and sects in fifty associations, is
regularly faced with evidence of abuse and damage, caused by undue influence. In Brussels,
victims have been removed through negotiation or compensation, therefore there were no civil
parties remaining to testify.
It is fair to make the comment that the Brussels trial was distorted. The judgement did not
address the substance of the case. If there is no appeal against this trial then there will be no