Press release

The Impact of Cults on Health in Society

Conference of Marseilles 2004

Press release

On 27 and 28 March 2004, FECRIS [1] held a Conference with the assistance of the Conseil Général des Bouches-du-Rhône – France.

This international meeting was well organised, prepared and ensured by the GEMPPI [2], one of the French members of FECRIS, with the help of the Espace Ethique Méditerranéen [3]and of the Centre d’Etude et de Recherches en Ethique Médicale (CEREM).  

Fifteen specialists from 12 European countries: doctors, psychiatrists, researchers, economists, philosophers and lawyers, shared their knowledge and experience by presenting the results of their studies and illustrated by interesting practical cases. 

It was the occasion for 22 associations present :

  • To highlight the influence of the sectarian phenomenon in the medical profession on the one hand, and on the other hand, to gain an understanding of the reaction to this in the different countries by official authorities and national representatives. 
  • To compare philosophical positions and perceptions to this phenomenon in Europe within the historical and cultural backgrounds in different countries.
  • To show how sectarian movements have invested the fields of psychotherapy, psychiatry and non-conventional medicine and exploit a market that attracts vulnerable people and is all the more dangerous that it hides a New Age philosophy.
  • To analyse the legal aspects with respect to both European conventions and laws or bills at national level.

The presentations had a high scientific and philosophical content and gave rise to an animated and enriching exchange of views.

[1] FECRIS: 1, rue Proudhon, F 29200 BREST

[2] GEMPPI: Groupe d’Etude des Mouvements de Pensée pour la Protection des Individus

BP 95, F 13192 Marseille Cedex 20 – Tel/fax : ++33 4 91 08 72 22

[3] Espace Ethique méditerranéen – EEM – -Hôpital pour adultes de la Timone, Marseille