Women in cults, gurus and victims

Saturday, 21 May 2016

State University for Library Studies and Information Technologies


119, Tzarigradsko shose, Sofia



organised by the

European Federation of Centres of Research and Information on Cults and Sects (FECRIS)

and hosted by

The Canter for Research of New Religious Movements (CRNRM), Sofia, Bulgaria




Welcome by the President, Danièle Muller-Tulli (CH)


Welcome, by Professor Stoyan Denchev, Rector of SULSIT (BG)


Message from Dr. Markus Kremer, President of the Interdepartmental Working Group on the so-called sects and psychogroups, Baden-Wurttemberg (DE), read by Friedrich Griess (AT)


Catherine Picard, President of “Union nationale des Associations de défense des Familles et de l’Individu” (UNADFI) (FR)

Sexual assault as an attack on the dignity of women in cults


Professor Ivan Zhelev Dimitrov, President of CRNRM (BG)

The Role of Women in Cults in Bulgaria


Roman Silantiev, Professor of Islamic studies in the Moscow State Linguistic University (RU)

Women in the Islamic destructive cults – the example of Russia 


Jean-Pierre Jougla, President of the FECRIS Scientific Committee (FR)

Presentation of a study prepared by the FECRIS Scientific Committee (French branch)

Are there special characteristics of undue influence mechanisms and the nature of their impact when used in the cult environment by and on women in particular?


Francine Caumel-Dauphin, Secretary General of the Centre Contre les Manipulations Mentales (CCMM) (FR)

Features of the woman Guru


Serge Blisko, President of the “Mission Interministérielle de Vigilance et de Lutte contre Les Dérives Sectaires” (MIVILUDES) (FR)


Undue Influence: is there a specific approach for women?


Janja Lalich, Head of the FECRIS Scientific Committee’s English Speaking Branch (USA)

Goodbye Mother: Children of Cults Leaving on Their Own and Starting Over

Preliminary Findings on Research on Children of CultsPresentation

Luigi Corvaglia, Psychologist, President of CeSAP (IT)
Mothers in cults. An insecure base + prezi presentation


Alexandre Cauchois, author of “The Unusual and Secret History of Jehovah’s Witnesses” (FR)

The status of women in this organisation


Eric Robert, President of the Justice of the peace and police in the Belgian Province of Luxembourg (BE)

The limit between religious convictions and imposed dress codes. Is Freedom of dress absolute?


Joni Valkila, Director of UUT (FI)

How the Laestadians, an extra-conservative cult present in Finland, Scandinavia and North America, violate women’s rights (presentation)

Testimony from a young Laestadian


Testimony of direct and collateral victims:

A victim of the Guru, Françoise Dercle, of the “Parc d’Accueil” in Lisieux, will tell her story. (FR)

Danièle-Muller-Tulli, President of FECRIS

Annex: Testimony of Nicole Schneider author of “Seven years under influence”, follower of the Guru Guy-Claude Burger